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2010/03/16 Berry, Chuck Rockin' - 20 Original Recordings (180g) Rock/Pop 8712177056842 VINYL PASSION LP VP80006
2010/10/05 Berry, Chuck You Can't Catch Me Rock/Pop 0636551982825 COMPLETE ROCK 'N' ROLL CD SROLLCD828
2011/03/01 Berry, Chuck ICON Series: Greatest Hits Rock/Pop UNIVERSAL CD B001522202
2011/03/08 Berry, Chuck After School Session (180g/bonus CD) Rock/Pop 8013252883026 DOXY LP DOK302
2011/11/15 Berry, Chuck Rocks (digi) Rock/Pop 4000127171399 BEAR FAMILY CD BCD17139
2011/11/01 Berry, Chuck Five Classic Albums Plus (4CD) Rock/Pop 5036408129222 REAL GONE MUSIC UK CD RGMCD011
2012/02/10 Berry, Chuck Chuck Berry Is On Top/St. Louis To Liverpool (gold CD) Rock/Pop 821797077668 MOBILE FIDELITY CD CMF776
2012/07/17 Berry, Chuck Confessin' My Blues Rock/Pop 5413992503179 BLUES BOULEVARD CD 250317
2012/08/28 Berry, Chuck Best Of The Chess Years (3CD) Blues 5060143490866 NOT NOW CD NOT3CD086
2013/06/18 Berry, Chuck Best of the Chess Years (2LP/180g/HQ vinyl) Rock/Pop 5060143491788 NOT NOW LP NOT2LP178
2013/09/10 Berry, Chuck Just About As Good As It Gets! (2CD) R&B 8718053744926 SMITH & CO CD SCCD2492
2013/10/29 Berry, Chuck Collection (import) Rock/Pop 0008811775124 CHESS CD 0081177512
2013/10/29 Berry, Chuck Rock N Roll Legends Rock/Pop 0600753051863 UNIVERSAL CD 60075305186
2013/11/19 Berry, Chuck After School Sessison (180g/gatefold) Rock/Pop 829421142607 FRIDAY MUSIC LP FRM1426
2013/11/12 Berry, Chuck Rockin' At The Hops (180g/HQ vinyl/+4 bonus tracks) R&B 8436542014434 WAX TIME LP WT771890
2014/02/25 Berry, Chuck Berry Is On Top (180g-gatefold) Rock/Pop 829421143505 FRIDAY MUSIC LP FRM1435
2014/03/25 Berry, Chuck New Juke Box Hits (180g HQ vinyl/2 bonus tracks) Rock/Pop 8436542015332 WAX TIME LP WT771921
2010/01/28 Berry, Chuck Rockin' Rock/Pop 8712177055524 REMEMBER CD RMB75149
2014/05/20 Berry, Chuck After School (LP+CD) Rock/Pop 5060174956379 VIP VOP LP 5060174956379
2014/05/20 Berry, Chuck One Dozen Berrys (LP+CD) Rock/Pop 5060174956386 VIP VOP LP 5060174956386
2014/08/12 Berry, Chuck Rock N Roll Legends Rock/Pop 5060329570276 ONE & ONLY ROCK N ROLL CD RNRSTAR027
2014/10/28 Berry, Chuck Rock And Roll Music (16CD box) Any Old Way You Choose It Rock/Pop 5397102172731 BEAR FAMILY CD BCD17273
2014/11/11 Berry, Chuck Rockin' At the Hops (LP+CD) Rock/Pop 5060174956409 VIP VOP LP VIPVOP009
2014/11/18 Berry, Chuck Is On Top Rock/Pop 5060174956393 VIP VOP LP VIPVOP008
2014/12/16 Berry, Chuck The Absolutely Essential (3CD) Rock/Pop 805520130844 BIG 3 CD BT3084
2015/03/03 Berry, Chuck Hail Hail Rock n' Roll Rock/Pop 0600753573907 MUSIC ON CD CD MOCCD13207
2015/03/31 Berry, Chuck Complete Chess Singles As & Bs 1955-1961 (2CD) Rock/Pop 0824046312220 ACROBAT CD ADDCD3122
2015/04/14 Berry, Chuck Berry Is On Top (+2 bonus tracks/180g w/download) Rock/Pop 8436542018517 WAX TIME LP WT772051
2014/06/23 Berry, Chuck Rock 'N' Roll (2LP +CD w/download) Rock/Pop 5024952740048 DELTA LP DELM004
2015/11/01 Berry, Chuck One Dozen Berrys Rock/Pop 0889397556105 DOL LP DOS610H
2016/03/25 Berry, Chuck New Juke Box Hits (LP+CD) Rock/Pop 5060174956416 VIP VOP LP VIPVOP010
2016/04/18 Berry, Chuck After School Session Rock/Pop 0889397556686 DOL LP DOS668H
2016/05/27 Berry, Chuck Sings the Blues (180g HQ vinyl) Rock/Pop 5060348582083 NOT NOW LP NOTLP208
2016/10/14 Berry, Chuck Rock and Roll Music - Hits (180g/import) Rock/Pop 5055551790226 DELTA LP 5055551790226
2016/01/04 Berry, Chuck After School Session (180g HQ vinyl/+4 bonus tracks) Rock/Pop 8436544170138 VINYL LOVERS LP 6785413
2016/06/17 Berry, Chuck One Dozen Berrys (180g HQ vinyl/+2 bonus tracks) Rock/Pop 8436544170480 VINYL LOVERS LP 6785448
2016/12/16 Berry, Chuck Singles Collection (2CD) Rock/Pop 5060143496448 NOT NOW CD NOT2CD644
2017/04/07 Berry, Chuck Four Classic Albums (2CD) Rock/Pop 5022810323822 AVID ROCK N ROLL CD AMSC1238
2017/04/07 Berry, Chuck Singles Collection (3LP/180g HQ vinyl) Rock/Pop 5060403742421 NOT NOW LP NOT3LP242
2017/04/21 Berry, Chuck Rockin' at the Hops/One Dozen Berrys/New Juke Box Hits (2LP) Rock/Pop 8719039001682 VINYL PASSION LP VP80765
2012/11/06 Berry, Chuck One Dozen Berrys (180g HQ vinyl) Rock/Pop 8436542011396 WAX TIME LP WT771785
2017/05/12 Berry, Chuck One Dozen Berrys Rock/Pop 889397105891 RUMBLE LP RUM2011137LP
2017/05/12 Berry, Chuck After School Session Rock/Pop 889397105907 RUMBLE LP RUM2011138LP
2017/06/02 Berry, Chuck Johnny B. Goode Rock/Pop 3596973471567 WAGRAM LP 3347156
2017/05/26 Berry, Chuck Platinum Collection (3CD) Rock/Pop 5060432022600 NOT NOW CD NOT3CD260
2017/06/09 Berry, Chuck Chuck Rock/Pop 625712604621 DUALTONE CD DLTCD06046
2017/06/09 Berry, Chuck Chuck Rock/Pop 803020179318 DUALTONE LP DUA17931
2017/06/02 Berry, Chuck Rockin' at the Hops/One Dozen Berrys/New Juke Box Hits (2CD) +bonus tracks Rock/Pop 8719039002160 FACTORY OF SOUNDS CD FOS2205013
2017/07/07 Berry, Chuck The Complete Chess Singles As and Bs 1955-61 (3LP/red vinyl) Rock/Pop 5036408193827 REAL GONE MUSIC EUROPE LP RGMLP020
2017/08/04 Berry, Chuck Great Twenty-Eight (2LP) Rock/Pop 602557624083 GEFFEN LP B002675801

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