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Street Date  Artist  Descending Title  Genre  Barcode  Label  Format Catalogue 
2006/02/21 Biosphere Dropsonde Electronic 5027803146624 TOUCH CD TO066
2007/01/23 Biosphere Cirque Electronic 5027803144620 TOUCH CD TO46
2001/06/05 Biosphere Substrata 2 (2CD) Electronic 5027803145023 TOUCH CD TO50
2004/04/01 Biosphere Shenzhou Alternative 5027803145528 TOUCH CD TO55
2004/06/22 Biosphere Autour de la Lune Electronic 5027803146228 TOUCH CD TO62
2009/06/09 Biosphere Wireless: Live At The Arnolfini, Bristol Electronic 5027803903821 TOUCH CD TONE038
2011/07/05 Biosphere N-Plants Electronic 5027803148420 TOUCH CD TO084CD
2012/02/14 Biosphere N-Plants (2LP) Electronic 7090029000061 BIOPHON LP BIO006LP
2012/02/14 Biosphere Substrata (2LP) Electronic 7090029000054 BIOPHON LP BIO005LP
2015/06/23 Biosphere Microgravity (2CD) Electronic 7090029000177 BIOPHON CD BIO003CD
2015/07/10 Biosphere Microgravity (3LP) Electronic 7090029000160 BIOPHON LP BIO003LP
2016/06/10 Biosphere Patashnik (2CD) Electronic 7090029000238 BIOPHON CD BIO004CD
2016/06/10 Biosphere Patashnik (2LP) Electronic 7090029000245 BIOPHON LP BIO004LP
2016/09/23 Biosphere Departed Glories Electronic 5053760020851 SMALLTOWN SUPERSOUND CD 505376002085
2016/09/23 Biosphere Departed Glories Electronic 5053760020868 SMALLTOWN SUPERSOUND LP 505376002086
2016/11/11 Biosphere Cirque (2CD) Electronic 7090029000207 BIOPHON CD BIO026CD
2016/11/11 Biosphere Cirque (3LP) Electronic 7090029000214 BIOPHON LP BIO026LP
2017/06/16 Biosphere The Petrified Forest Electronic 7090029003017 BIOPHON CD BIO030CD
2017/06/16 Biosphere The Petrified Forest Electronic 7090029003024 BIOPHON LP BIO030LP
2017/12/15 Biosphere Compilation 1991-2004 (2CD) Electronic 7090029000078 BIOPHON CD BIO007CD
2017/12/15 Biosphere Shenzhou (2CD) Electronic 7090029000276 BIOPHON CD BIO027CD
2017/12/15 Biosphere Shenzhou (3LP) Electronic 7090029001730 BIOPHON LP BIO027LP
2018/03/23 Biosphere The Hilvarenbeek Recordings Electronic 7090029000252 BIOPHON CD BIO025CD
2018/03/23 Biosphere The Hilvarenbeek Recordings Electronic 7090029000269 BIOPHON LP BIO025LP
2004/04/27 Biosphere/ Deathprod Nordheim Transformed Electronic 7033662020058 RUNE GRAMMOFON CD RCD2005

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