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Street Date  Artist  Descending Title  Genre  Barcode  Label  Format Catalogue 
2019/05/01 Crover, Dale/Deerhoof Tiny Dirt/I Hear An Echo (coloured vinyl) Alternative 714270693359 JOYFUL NOISE 7" JNR1134C1
2019/05/01 Deerhoof Mountain Moves Alternative 714270691379 JOYFUL NOISE CD JNR233CD
2019/11/22 Deerhoof The Man, The King, The Girl Alternative 644110039316 POLYVINYL LP 644110039316
2019/11/22 Deerhoof Halfbird (coloured vinyl) Alternative 753936904743 JOYFUL NOISE LP JNR319LPC1
2020/03/06 Deerhoof Breakup Song Alternative 644110024428 POLYVINYL CD PRC244
2020/03/06 Deerhoof La Isla Bonita Alternative 644110028624 POLYVINYL CD PRC286
2020/03/06 Deerhoof La Isla Bonita Alternative 644110028617 POLYVINYL LP PRC286
2020/03/06 Deerhoof Fever 121614 Alternative 644110030917 POLYVINYL LP PRC309
2020/03/06 Deerhoof The Magic Alternative 644110031525 POLYVINYL CD PRC315
2020/06/19 Deerhoof Future Teenage Cave Artists Alternative 753936905719 JOYFUL NOISE CASS JNR331
2020/06/19 Deerhoof Future Teenage Cave Artists Alternative 753936905382 JOYFUL NOISE CD JNR331
2020/06/19 Deerhoof Future Teenage Cave Artists (blood coloured vinyl) Alternative 753936905399 JOYFUL NOISE LP JNR331LPC1
2004/10/19 Deerhoof Live Koalamagic Alternative n/a DUAL PLOVER CD CDDEERHLIVE
2011/01/25 Deerhoof Deerhoof Vs. Evil Alternative 644110020918 POLYVINYL LP PRC209
2011/01/25 Deerhoof Deerhoof vs. Evil Alternative 644110020925 POLYVINYL CD PRC2092
2011/07/05 Deerhoof Milk Man Alternative 644110022219 POLYVINYL LP PRC222
2011/10/25 Deerhoof Friend Opportunity Alternative 644110912015 POLYVINYL LP PRC9120
2011/01/17 Deerhoof Reveille (180g-light blue vinyl) Alternative 644110023513 POLYVINYL LP PRC235
2012/09/04 Deerhoof Breaking Song (white vinyl) Alternative 644110024411 POLYVINYL LP PRC244
2014/12/09 Deerhoof La Isla Bonita Alternative 0880918215518 CLAPPING MUSIC LP 88091821551
2016/04/15 Deerhoof Offend Maggie Alternative 644110921215 POLYVINYL LP PRC9212
2016/06/24 Deerhoof Magic Alternative 644110031518 POLYVINYL LP PRC315
2016/11/18 Deerhoof I Thought We Were Friends (Screenprint jacket) Rock/Pop 647603396477 FAMOUS CLASS 7" FC042
2017/09/08 Deerhoof Mountain Moves Alternative 714270691386 JOYFUL NOISE LP JNR233
2017/09/08 Deerhoof Mountain Moves (blue vinyl) Alternative 714270691393 JOYFUL NOISE LP JNR233LPC1
2018/10/26 Deerhoof Plays The Music Of The Shining Rock/Pop 647603402284 FAMOUS CLASS 7" FC237

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