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Gordon, Dexter Dexter Blows Hot And Cool Jazz n/a BOPLICITY CD CDBOP006
2004/11/02 Gordon, Dexter Complete Prestige Recordings (11CD) Jazz 025218444224 FANTASY BOX 11PRCD44422
Gordon, Dexter Blows Hot And Cool Jazz 8427328616010 FRESH SOUND CD FSRCD1601
Gordon, Dexter The Jumpin' Blues Jazz 025218689922 PRESTIGE CD OJCCD8992
2001/10/09 Gordon, Dexter Live At The Left Bank Jazz 025218311823 FANTASY CD PRCD110182
2002/12/10 Gordon, Dexter XXL- Live at the Left Bank Jazz 025218312325 PRESTIGE CD PRCD110232
2001/01/22 Gordon, Dexter Settin' The Pace (4CD) Jazz 604988991628 PROPERBOX BOX PROPERBOX16
1996/11/25 Gordon, Dexter Homecoming - Live At The Village Vanguard Jazz 074644682427 SONY CD XUSK0346824
2006/10/17 Gordon, Dexter The Tower Of Power Jazz 025218629928 FANTASY CD OJCCD299
2006/10/17 Gordon, Dexter Panther Jazz 025218677028 FANTASY CD OJCCD770
2007/11/13 Gordon, Dexter One Flight Up (180g) Jazz 798668705114 CISCO LP CCO7051
1999/05/07 Gordon, Dexter Gotham City Jazz n/a COLUMBIA LP 36853
2010/01/22 Gordon, Dexter Our Man In Paris w/Large Collector's T-Shirt Jazz 5099968539719 BLUE NOTE LP 5099968539719
2010/01/22 Gordon, Dexter Our Man In Paris w/Medium Collector's T-Shirt Jazz 5099968539214 BLUE NOTE LP 5099968539214
2009/05/12 Gordon, Dexter Dexter Calling (2LP/180g/45rpm/Stereo/Audiophile) Jazz 753088408311 ANALOGUE PROD. LP ABNJ84083
2009/05/12 Gordon, Dexter Go (2LP/180g/45rpm/Stereo/Audiophile) Jazz 753088411212 ANALOGUE PROD. LP ABNJ84112
2011/06/14 Gordon, Dexter Live At Carnegie Hall Jazz 886975696628 COLUMBIA CD 88697569662
2011/11/01 Gordon, Dexter Best Of (3CD) Jazz 5099969538520 BLUE NOTE CD 5099969538520
2011/10/11 Gordon, Dexter Dexter Blows/The Resurgence Of (2Cd) Jazz 5060143494086 NOT NOW CD NOT2CD408
2017/12/01 Gordon, Dexter Both Sides Of Midnight (180g) Jazz 711574703319 ORG MUSIC LP ORGM1062
2012/06/18 Gordon, Dexter Sophisticated Giant Rock/Pop 8718469530571 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVLP512
2012/09/04 Gordon, Dexter 4 Original Albums (4CD) Jazz 5099968051228 EMI UK CD 6805122
2012/11/19 Gordon, Dexter Both Sides Of Midnight (Black Lion Records) Jazz 711574703326 ORG MUSIC CD ORW47033
2013/02/26 Gordon, Dexter Doin' All Right + Swingin' Affair - Classic Albums Series (2CD) Jazz 5099973967927 BLUENOTE CD 7396792
2013/07/16 Gordon, Dexter North Sea Jazz Legendary Concerts (CD+DVD/NTSC/All regions) Jazz 8717953096234 NORTH SEA JAZZ CD BCCD12004
2013/09/03 Gordon, Dexter Blows Hot And Cool (digi pack - remaster) Jazz 029667010627 BOPLICITY REMASTERED CD CDBOPM006
2013/12/17 Gordon, Dexter Our Man In Paris (180g HQ vinyl) Jazz 8435395500064 BLUE NOTE LP ST84146
2014/01/21 Gordon, Dexter 2 For 1: Doin' Allright/A Swingin' Affair (2CD) Jazz 0600753471142 UNIVERSAL EUROPE CD 5347114
2014/04/22 Gordon, Dexter Our Man In Paris Jazz 602537743650 BLUE NOTE LP B002020001
2014/06/30 Gordon, Dexter Go! Jazz 602537782123 BLUE NOTE LP B002042901
2014/07/22 Gordon, Dexter Go (Don Was Remasters) Jazz 0602537796496 BLUENOTE CD 3779649
2014/10/07 Gordon, Dexter Go + A Swingin' Affair (2LPs on 1CD) Jazz 8436539312062 MASTERWORKS CD DTJ21342
1998/01/01 Gordon, Dexter Swiss Nights, Vol. 1 (180g) Jazz 4011550110503 STEEPLE CHASE LP SCS1050
2005/09/29 Gordon, Dexter Swiss Nights, Vol. 2 (180g) Jazz 9991001069954 STEEPLE CHASE LP SCS1090
2005/09/29 Gordon, Dexter Swiss Nights, Vol. 3 (180g) Jazz 9991001069985 STEEPLE CHASE LP SCS1110
2014/12/02 Gordon, Dexter Dexter Blows Hot And Cool Jazz 741157184211 CLEOPATRA LP CLP1842
2015/06/30 Gordon, Dexter One Flight Up Jazz 602547173348 UNIVERSAL LP B002259101
2015/07/24 Gordon, Dexter 12 Classic Albums 1947-1962 (6CD) Jazz 823564659121 ENLIGHTENMENT SERIES CD EN6CD9044
2015/10/23 Gordon, Dexter Early Years 1941-52 (2CD) Jazz 0824046313920 ACROBAT CD ADDCD3139
2016/06/03 Gordon, Dexter Four Classic Albums (2CD) Jazz 5022810319924 AVID JAZZ CD AMSC1199
2016/06/03 Gordon, Dexter Body & Soul Jazz 711574711314 ORG MUSIC LP ORGM2066
2016/07/01 Gordon, Dexter The Resurgence Of (180g HQ vinyl/DMM mastering) Jazz 8436559460569 WAX TIME LP WT772123
2016/08/12 Gordon, Dexter Our Man In Paris (Audiophile Clear Vinyl - ACV) Jazz 889397020705 DOXY LP ACV2070
2016/11/04 Gordon, Dexter Fried Bananas Jazz 5065001717468 GEARBOX LP GB1535
2016/10/14 Gordon, Dexter Go! (180g HQ vinyl/gatefold replica/Ltd) Jazz 8437012830950 JAZZ IMAGES LP 37024
2016/11/04 Gordon, Dexter 5 Original Albums (5CD) Jazz 602547110886 BLUE NOTE CD 4711088
2003/07/31 Gordon, Dexter Our Man in Paris (remastered) Jazz 0724359172224 BLUE NOTE CD 5917222
2017/04/22 Gordon, Dexter Walk the Blues (180g/clear) Jazz 711574811410 ORG MUSIC LP ORGM2087
2017/06/02 Gordon, Dexter Take the 'A' Train Jazz 711574708512 ORG MUSIC LP ORGM2085
2017/06/23 Gordon, Dexter Daddy Plays the Horn Jazz 8719039002474 FACTORY OF SOUNDS CD FOS2205029

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