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2003/01/21 (International) Noise Conspiracy Bigger Cages, Longer Chains Alternative/Punk 045778202621 BURNING HEART CD 82026
2001/10/23 (International) Noise Conspiracy A New Morning, Changing Weather Alternative 045778202027 BURNING HEART CD 82020
2007/03/13 (International) Noise Conspiracy Live At Oslo Jazz Festival Alternative/Punk 721616037425 ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES CD VIRUS374
2020/10/01 (International) Noise Conspiracy Reproduction Of Death Alternative 098787055825 SUB POP CDS SP558
2001/10/03 (International) Noise Conspiracy Reproduction Of Death Alternative/Garage 7391946112326 BURNING HEART CDS BHR123
2000/07/11 (International) Noise Conspiracy Smash It Up Alternative/Punk 7391946111824 BURNING HEART CDS BHR118
2006/11/28 (International) Noise Conspiracy Your Choice Live Alternative 4024572147235 YOUR CHOICE CD YCR25
2000/05/09 (International) Noise Conspiracy Survival Sickness Alternative/Punk 045778200825 BURNING HEART CD 82008
2002/03/25 (International) Noise Conspiracy Up For Sale Alternative/Garage 7391946114429 BURNING HEART CDS BHR144
African National Congress Radio Freedom: Voice Of Th 011661401921 ROUNDER CD ROUN4019
2011/11/29 Alagna, Roberto/Orchestre National de Mont Fiesque (2CD) French 028947645474 UNIVERSAL CD 4764547
Armenian National Choral Society of Boston Armenian Choral Music World 093070870420 FOLKWAYS CD FW08704
2009/08/10 Bembeya Jazz National The Syliphone Years: Hits And Rare (2CD) World 740042302921 STERNS AFRICA CD STCD302930CD
2019/04/12 Bénin International Musical BIM#1 African/Afrofunk 3516628288524 WORLD TOUR CD WTR02
2019/04/12 Bénin International Musical BIM#1 African/Afrofunk 3516628288418 WORLD TOUR LP WTR02
Compagnie Nationale de Danses Francaises w/J.Douai Compagnie Nationale de Danses Françaises with Jacques Douai World 731807149127 MONITOR RECORDS CD MON00491
2021/07/17 First International Sex Opera Band 2021RSD2 - Anita (colour) Rock/Pop 0602435517919 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVLP2847C
2018/07/20 First International Sex Opera Band Anita Rock/Pop n/a GOLDEN PAVILION LP GPMUSIC01LP
2019/04/13 Free Nationals 2019RSD - Beauty & Essex Rock/Pop 888915820230 OBE LP 888915820230
2020/06/26 Free Nationals Free Nationals (2LP) Hip Hop 194690091469 EMPIRE LP ERE543
Grand National A Drink And A Quick Decision Rock/Pop 859179002014 RECALL LP REC31
1999/10/25 Grand National Psychic Vampire Alternative/Punk n/a HELLFIRE 7" HELLFIRE07
2006/04/18 Grand National Kicking The National Habit Rock/Pop 859179001925 RECALL CD RECALLNA009
2005/07/05 Hewitt, Shawn & The National Strike The Soft Society - Ep Alternative 776974235228 INTERSCOPE CD 7697423522
2009/08/25 Impulse International Point Of Action Alternative/Punk 821970087248 DIRTNAP CD ZZZ87
2002/07/08 International Beat Their Most Explosive Hits Ska 5032115122020 DRESSED TO KILL CD DRESS605
2018/04/20 International Harvester Remains (5LP) Rock/Pop 7393210050747 SILENCE BOX SRSBX3500LP
2006/12/12 International Harvester Sov Gott Rose-Marie Rock/Pop 7391946083710 SILENCE CD SRSCD3614
2010/07/06 International Hello s/t (w/download) Alternative 655035698014 HOLY MOUNTAIN LP HOLY1980
International Language Where The Bands Are 000000000000 SYMPATHY 7" SFTRI357
2015/02/03 International Music System Dancing Therapy Electronic n/a DARK ENTRIES 12"EP DE078
2016/05/13 International Submarine Band Safe At Home Rock/Pop 5060230868028 GONZO CD HST377CD
2008/05/27 International Submarine Band Blue Eyes Country 090771719515 SUNDAZED 7" SEP195
2015/11/27 International Submarine Band Safe At Home (Mono White opaque vinyl) Rock/Pop 090771553010 SUNDAZED LP 09077155301
2016/04/16 International Swingers 2016RSD - Gun Control Rock/Pop n/a ALL THE CATS 7" ATCR10V
International Tussler Society Motorpsycho Presents (CD+DVD) Alternative 4015698518023 STICKMAN CD IND51802
Ivory Coast National Company Indigenous Music of the Ivory Coast National Company World 093070846425 FOLKWAYS CD FW08464
2019/05/01 Johnson, Britta/Mirah/Spectratone International Share This Place Alternative 789856120123 K RECORDS DVD KLP201
2014/04/15 Jupiter & Okwess International Hotel Univers World 4047179778527 OUT HERE CD OH024CD
2017/09/22 Jupiter & Okwess International Kin Sonic World 4030433605028 GLITTERBEAT CD GB050CD
Koutev Bulgarian National Ensemble Koutev Bulgarian National Ensemble World 731807140223 MONITOR RECORDS CD MON00402
2013/07/23 L'Orchestre National De Mauritanie L'Orchestre National De Mauritanie African/Afrofunk 656605588360 SAHEL SOUNDS CD SS013CD
2014/04/19 Last Internationale 2014RSD - Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Indian Blood Rock/Pop 888430451476 SONY 7" 88843045147
2014/08/19 Last Internationale We Will Reign Rock/Pop 888430541818 EPIC LP 88843054181
2014/08/19 Last Internationale We Will Reign Rock/Pop 888430541825 EPIC CD 88843054182
2014/01/21 Lurie, John National Orchestra Invention Of Animals Jazz 680490103629 AMULET LP 68049010362
2014/08/05 Lurie, John National Orchestra The Invention Of Animals Jazz 020286216797 MEGAFORCE CD 02028621679
2019/05/01 Mirah & Spectratone International Share This Place: Stories and Observations Alternative 789856118120 K RECORDS CD KLP181CD
2019/05/01 Mirah & Spectratone International Share This Place: Stories and Observations Alternative 789856118113 K RECORDS LP KLP181LP
2013/10/01 Mystic Number National Bank s/t (1969) Rock/Pop 5290116404129 KISMET CD KIS4041CD

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