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Waits, Tom Frank'S Wild Years Rock/Pop 075679057228 ISLAND CD CIDM1129
Waits, Tom Big Time Rock/Pop 042284247023 ISLAND CD CIDM1203
Waits, Tom Rain Dogs Rock/Pop 075679029928 ISLAND CD CIDM131
Waits, Tom Swordfishtrombone Rock/Pop 042284246927 ISLAND CD CIDM90095
1998/09/15 Waits, Tom The Early Years, Vol. 2 Rock/Pop 767004060224 MANIFESTO CD MFO40602
Waits, Tom Bone Machine Rock/Pop 731451258022 ISLAND CD 3145125802
Waits, Tom Black Rider Rock/Pop 731451855924 ISLAND CD 3145185592
Waits, Tom Beautiful Maladies: The Is Rock/Pop 731452451927 ISLAND CD 3145245192
2006/12/05 Waits, Tom Orphans Rock/Pop 045778684427 ANTI CD 86844
2008/06/10 Waits, Tom Under Review: 1983-2006 Rock/Pop 823564511795 MVD DVD SIDVD530
2009/04/15 Waits, Tom One From The Heart O.S.T. (180g) Rock/Pop 88697462151 COLUMBIA LP COL746215
2009/06/30 Waits, Tom Swordfishtrombones Rock/Pop 042284246910 ISLAND LP 8424691
2009/11/24 Waits, Tom Glitter And Doom Live Rock/Pop 045778705320 ANTI CD 87053
2018/02/16 Waits, Tom Glitter And Doom Live (2LP/2017 re-master) Rock/Pop 045778705313 ANTI LP 87053
2010/06/01 Waits, Tom Under The Influence Rock/Pop 823564520292 MVD DVD SIDVD553
2010/08/30 Waits, Tom The Early Years, Vol. 1 Rock/Pop 767004060125 MANIFESTO CD MR40601
2010/11/22 Waits, Tom The Early Years, Vol. 2 (180g) Rock/Pop 767004060217 MANIFESTO LP MFO40602LP
2011/10/24 Waits, Tom Bad As Me Rock/Pop 045778715121 ANTI CD 87151
2017/11/03 Waits, Tom Bad As Me (2017 re-master) Rock/Pop 045778715114 ANTI LP 87151
2011/10/24 Waits, Tom Bad As Me (2CD Dlx) Rock/Pop 045778717729 ANTI CD 87177
2011/11/15 Waits, Tom Round Midnight Rock/Pop 0823564622125 LEFT FIELD MEDIA CD LFMCD511
2012/01/24 Waits, Tom Round Midnight: The Minneapolis Broadcast 1975 (2LP) Rock/Pop 803341350977 LET THEM EAT VINYL LP LETV038LP
2012/02/28 Waits, Tom The Complete Review Rock/Pop 823564527598 MVD DVD PG2DVD145
2012/04/03 Waits, Tom On The Scene '73 Rock/Pop 823564626024 SMOKIN' CD SMCD909
2012/07/24 Waits, Tom On The Scene 73 (2LP/140g) Rock/Pop 0803341363793 LET THEM EAT VINYL LP LETV057LP
2013/02/19 Waits, Tom Dealing with Mules & Orphans Music Video 807297109191 ACCESS ALL AREAS DVD AAA0299
2013/11/19 Waits, Tom My Fathers Place Rock/Pop 823564633527 CHROME DREAMS CD SMCD920
2013/12/03 Waits, Tom Live At Ivanhoe Theater, Chicago, IL 11/21/76 Rock/Pop 889397420611 B13 LP B206
2014/07/14 Waits, Tom A Small Affair in Ohio Rock/Pop 0823564638225 ALL ACCESS CD AACD0122
2014/09/30 Waits, Tom Nighthawks on the Radio: KNEW-FM Broadcast 8 Dec. 1976 (Remastered) Rock/Pop 5291012500519 KLONDIKE CD KL5005CD
2015/03/03 Waits, Tom Virginia Avenue: Live at the Ivanhoe Theatre-Chicago 1976 Rock/Pop 889397940058 BRR LP BRR4005
2015/03/03 Waits, Tom Virginia Avenue: Live at the Ivanhoe Theatre-Chicago 1976 Rock/Pop 889397950057 BRR CD BRR5005
2015/05/19 Waits, Tom Emotional Weather Report: Live NYC 12/18/76 (2CD) Rock/Pop 889397960056 BRR CD BRR6005
2015/08/07 Waits, Tom Transmission Impossible (3CD) Rock/Pop 0823564660721 EAT TO THE BEAT CD ETTB051
2015/10/30 Waits, Tom Foggy Night: Unplugged (1974) Rock/Pop 889397940270 BRR LP BRR4027
2015/09/25 Waits, Tom Foggy Night: Unplugged (1974) Rock/Pop 889397950279 BRR CD BRR5027
2013/08/15 Waits, Tom Early Years, Vol. 1 Rock/Pop 767004060118 MANIFESTO LP MFOLP40601
2015/12/11 Waits, Tom Down & Dirty (import) Music Video 0823564543598 I.V. MEDIA DVD IVF071
2016/03/04 Waits, Tom Live at My Father's Place (2LP) Roslyn, NY 10/10/77 WLIR-FM Rock/Pop 0889397520649 DOL LP DOR2064H
2016/04/29 Waits, Tom Fumblin' on the Radio (2LP/140g/Ltd) Rock/Pop 0803341505292 PARACHUTE LP PARA004LP
2016/06/03 Waits, Tom Voiced Piano Man Live 77 Rock/Pop 5081304329092 SOUL FOOD CD CANON32027
2016/06/17 Waits, Tom Out of the Box (2DVD) Rock/Pop 823564544595 MVD DVD DVDIS063
2016/06/03 Waits, Tom Cold Beer On A Hot Night Rock/Pop 823564676227 ZIP CITY CD ZCCD020
2016/08/19 Waits, Tom Paradise Theater, Boston MA WBCN FM Rock/Pop 5292317201927 ROX VOX CD RV2019CD
2016/10/28 Waits, Tom 1977 Performance Review (2CD) Rock/Pop 823564676623 MVD CD DB2CD001
2016/12/02 Waits, Tom Live at the Ivanhoe Theatre, Chicago, IL 11/21/76 Rock/Pop 0889397520953 DOL LP DOR2095H
2017/01/20 Waits, Tom Unplugged Live at KPFK Folkscene Studios LA 7/23/74 Rock/Pop 0889397521042 DOL LP DOR2104H
2017/03/03 Waits, Tom Cold Beer On a hot Night (2LP/140g/Ltd) Rock/Pop 0803343122244 PARACHUTE LP PARA081LP
2017/02/10 Waits, Tom On the Line in 89 (2CD) Rock/Pop 823564690421 MVD CD GOSS025
2017/11/17 Waits, Tom Real Gone (2LP/2017 Remixed & Remastered) Rock/Pop 045778754816 ANTI LP 87548

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