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Architects [All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us]

May 27 street date. ARCHITECTS are a band who’ve never shied away from challenging the world around them. Long lauded as some of modern metal’s most progressive-thinking minds, for the past decade, the quintet have pushed boundaries, redefined genres, and never feared having to question themselves in order for their art to leave its mark on this Earth. ARCHITECTS, are a band like few others; The quintet all practice a vegan lifestyle, tour with a consciousness about their footprint on the world, and devote time and energies to environmental causes. Their 7th studio album, All Out Gods Have Abandoned Us is the heaviest and darkest work to which the band have ever put their name, both on and below its surface. “To me, All Our Gods… is about getting to the root of the dysfunctions and disillusionment that cause all of this mess, be it personal or political or environmental,” says ARCHITECTS guitarist and principle songwriter, Tom Searle. ARCHITECTS lineup also includes Tom’s twin brother Dan on drums, Sam Carter on lead vocals, guitarist Adam Christianson and Ali Dean on bass. For the follow-up to their 2014 album Lost Forever/Lost Together, ARCHITECTS returned to Gothenburg’s Studio Fredman and the production team of Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd and it was they who would once again be entrusted to help translate the tracks penned by Tom Searle into a reality. (LP includes Download)
Avion Roe [In Separation]

June 17 street date. AVION ROE, the Texas based band featuring vocalist Evan Couture, bassist Sean Humphrey, guitarist Jordan Modro and drummer Josh Cutlip—was formed in Dallas in 2011 and gained a national following with their debut album The Art Of Fiction. The band’s breakthrough moment came in 2014, while beginning work on their second full-length. They decided to release a new demo track via Alternative Press as a thank you to the fans that had supported their tours and that song caught the ear of SLEEPING WITH SIRENS’ frontman Kellin Quinn, and the rest as they say, is history. Evan began corresponding with Kellin and soon sent him “Into The Rest” – asking if he would collaborate on the track. Kellin brought the band over to Epitaph, where they signed in September 2015. This track became the lead single and video for the band’s 2015 EP – release. The band’s new album, In Separation showcases the various sides of AVION ROE and shows how dynamic the act have become after spending the past few years tirelessly perfecting their craft on the road. At their heart AVION ROE are all about their legendary live performances. Furthermore, AVION ROE WILL BE PERFORMING ON THE VAN’S WARPED TOUR THIS SUMMER !!
Butler, Will [Friday Night (live)]

June 17 street date. Friday Night is a live album of performances from Will Butler’s tour supporting his first album Policy. It was recorded mostly at Lincoln Hall in Chicago on June 4, 2015. Five of the songs are from Policy, two are songs written for the Guardian newspaper last year, and five are new. Will Butler is a primary member of Arcade Fire. This record exists partly because I had a really good band, and I wanted to document it. Miles Arntzen (EMEFE, Antibalas) played drums (standing up at a full kit—he didn’t use a hi-hat pedal, so he could stand on that leg while working the kick drum with the other). Julie Shore played synth bass. Sara Dobbs played synth leads and Mellotron pads. Everybody sang backing vocals. Think of this as a comedy record. In some ways literally—Brooklyn comedian Jo Firestone does the introduction and the “solo” in “Friday Night”—but also, it’s an album based on working out ideas in a room full of people, playing off their energy and expectations. It’s about taking complicated emotions and wringing communal joy from them, and then translating that joy onto record. So here you go! —Will Butler, March 2016
Case/Lang/Veirs [Case/Lang/Veirs]

June 17 street date. case/lang/veirs, a true collaboration between three phenomenal, self-driven artists: avant-rock icon Neko Case, legendary musical nomad k.d. lang, and indie folk star Laura Veirs. The women wrote all 14 songs and shared lead vocals equally, sometimes even within the same track. Full of stunning harmonies and spellbinding rhythms, case/lang/veirs travels through aches and eras, torch songs and tributes to the undersung. They worked over two and a half years in Portland, Oregon, where lang and Veirs both live, sometimes in lang’s loft with a view of Mount St. Helens, others in Veirs’ dining room or backyard studio. The album was written from the ground up without any real plan beyond a desire to make music together and a faith that it would reveal itself. They produced the album with Tucker Martine, at his Portland studio in November 2015. “The combination of spirits, the combination of artistry, is very unique, because we have definite similarities, but we are very, very different, and it creates a really interesting thing,” says lang. “It’s a truly collaborative record where our individual essences are firmly in place.”
Converge [You Fail Me - Redux]

June 17 street date. Includes bonus track “ Wolves At My Door” - first time on CD. You Fail Me from CONVERGE is the classic follow up to their landmark Jane Doe full length album. Originally released in 2004, the brute force and emotional power on You Fail Me is unparalleled. Solidifying their reign in the genre that they have defined for over two decades. Never quite content with the original mix, You Fail Me Redux was remixed by guitarist Kurt Ballou at his God City studios. The release was also remastered by Alan Douches (Motörhead, Mastodon), and repackaged by vocalist/artist Jacob Bannon.
Fall [Live at the Witch Trials]

June 17 street date. First time available domestically since its original release ! Classic debut album originally released in 1979 on Step-Forward. The first full-length album of The Fall, Live At The Witch Trials, is not actually a live album. Emerging out of a two-day studio session at Camden Sound in North West London during a sickly December of 1978, Witch Trials amounts to the sinister foundation of the band's diverse sound. Every song explores drastically different styles and wild terrain, leaving much to decipher over its eleven tracks. "Frightened" has magnetic attraction / repulsion that shifts between Martin Bramah's skeletal guitar, Yvonne Pawlett's plastic keyboards and the lurching rhythm section of Marc Riley and Karl Burns. Mark E. Smith's mesmerizing bark and eerie lyrics warp the cosmic context with each repeated non-chorus. "Rebellious Jukebox" takes yet another turn and showcases the band's more melodic leanings. One gets the sense that The Fall are in a time-travel hallucination (from 19th century witch trials to a scathing critique of the late-70s punk scene) where the band's snot-nosed scrabble afflicts the shape of pop to come. As Smith dictates, "We are The Fall, northern white crap that talks back. Liner notes by Brian Turner.
Fall [Dragnet]

June 17 street date. First time available domestically since its original release ! Second influential album originally released in 1979 on Step-Forward ! Dragnet is arguably The Fall's best-known album. With the departure of Martin Bramah after Live At The Witch Trials, the band underwent yet another lineup shift in late 1979. Marc Riley switched to guitar and Steve Hanley joined on bass; the latter's signature basslines would become a major part of The Fall for the next two decades. Opening track "Psykick Dancehall" strikes like an elusive, working-class anthem with its bouncy tempo changes and Mark E. Smith’s unfiltered vocals raining down on the dance-floor. "Dice Man" takes its direction from disheveled beats, stuttering lyrics and asymmetrical phrasing. Somehow Dragnet manages to be even more lo-fi than The Fall's debut, yet reveals a cohesive sound and fierce songs that would further build the band’s cult following. Liner notes by Brian Turner.
King Creosote & Michael Johnston [The Bound Of the Red Deer]

May 27 street date. Mercury-Prize Nominee King Creosote and Skydiggers’ Michael Johnston have forged a unique musical partnership. “The Bound Of The Red Deer," their ten-song collaborative debut, is informed by ten years of change, friendship, travel and long-distance correspondence. Recorded in Toronto by Chris Stringer (Timber Timbre), “The Bound Of The Red Deer” is a collection of heartfelt songs anchored by acoustic guitar, piano, ambient textures and an endearing vocal blend of Scots/Canadian accents. King Creosote (Kenny Anderson) and Michael met in 2006 at a songwriter's retreat in Scotland. They hit it off quickly, and wrote two songs in as many hours. Along with six of the other musicians at the retreat, they formed a band called The Burns Unit. The Burns Unit released one album, named #2 folk album of the year by MOJO magazine, and performed on the Jools Holland show. After the band amicably split in 2012, Kenny and Michael set to completing songs that would become “The Bound Of The Red Deer." Included on the album the earliest songs they wrote together, alongside collaborations with Karine Polwart and Emma Pollock (of the Delgados), and musical contributions from Texas musician Gurf Morlix (Lucinda Williams). In May and June 2016, King Creosote and Michael Johnston will perform their first duo shows in over four years to celebrate the long-awaited release of “The Bound Of The Red Deer." “I love the deep humour and harmony, the pathos and the charm. These songs stand out like beams of light on a misty dark night..." – Chris Difford, Squeeze -About King Creosote- Based in the small fishing village of Crail (Fife) in Scotland, King Creosote is one of the UK's most powerful and influential voices of the 21st century. King Creosote's 2011 recording, "Diamond Mine" (recorded with Jon Hopkins) was nominated for the 2011 Mercury Prize, the UK's most prestigious music prize. King Creosote has attracted celebrity fans including Coldplay, Elton John (who once bought six copies of his new album to give out to friends) and author Ian Rankin. His 2014 album, "From Scotland With Love," was the soundtrack to a feature documentary film of the same name, and reached #21 on the UK charts. -About Michael Johnston- Based in Toronto, Ontario, Michael Johnston is one of Canada's best loved musicians: an enthusiastic collaborator, gifted performer and dedicated teacher. Michael has appeared on over 45 recordings as a keyboardist, vocalist, songwriter and/or producer. He has toured, written and recorded with Juno-winning group the Skydiggers since 2006, and has worked with a who's who of the Canadian scene including Joel Plaskett, Serena Ryder, Ron Sexsmith and Jim Cuddy.
Letlive [If I'm the Devil..]

June 10 street date. letlive.’s new album, If I’m the Devil… is a strident, principled and heavy work. It’s also perfectly suited for someone who just wants to pound on the steering wheel after a hard day at school, work, or whatever institution happens to command most of your waking life. Frontman Jason Aalon Bulter has an ambitious nature which takes him to extremely lofty places. He acknowledges that letlive. is a punk band and one that reflects humanity as a collection of emotional, frontal-lobe beings. At the same time, he fully believes that letlive. can access that utopian, inexplicable transcendental quality that allows art to reach budding revolutionaries the way books and other oratory cannot. letlive. continually refuse to be constrained by the ideas of “scene” - whether letlive. Is punk, metalcore, indie, rap, whatever, Butler finds these labels to be another form of systematic oppression. He grew up with Black Flag and Circle Jerks as well as 2Pacalypse and Xzibit’s At the Speed of Life - it’s all revolutionary counterculture music to him. If their new album, If I’m the Devil… needs a genre, Butler would call it “revolutionary counterculture music” , like a more emotional Rage Against the Machine, or Public Enemy with more inclusive politics. Butler grew up as a skater disillusioned with what he saw as a heteronormative, patriarchal punk rock scene until the older kids showed him black artists such as Bad Brains, Living Colour and Fishbone. “Punk rock is inclusive if you want to be included,” Butler states, recognizing how letlive. can speak for people who feel they lack representation.
Moby [Music From Porcelain (2CD)]

June 10 street date. Music From Porcelain is the companion album for Moby's autobiography, Porcelain. Being releases by Random House in June 2016. The album is also the first comprehensive compilation of Moby's work starting in the 1990s. It includes previously unreleased and re-mastered recordings from Moby's early catalog, plus two new songs. As a bonus, Music From Porcelain also contains a second disc with some of the era's defining dance recordings that inspired Moby's early career. Moby is without question the most iconic and successful musician of the American Electronic music scene, selling over 10 million albums worldwide. The book tour starting in May will stop in over 20 US cities where Moby will be doing local and national press, including TV appearances. The album will be mentioned in conjunction with the book in all promotional materials and appearances.
Orton, Beth [Kidsticks]

May 27 street date. BETH ORTON has been one of the most unique and beguiling voices in music for the past two decades. Her “folktronica” sound, mixing elements of folk and electronica, has re-emerged as she began experimenting with a series of electronic loops that would eventually come together in this career- redefining new album, Kidsticks. Co-produced by Beth and Andrew Hung (Fuck Buttons), Kidsticks reframes Beth’s unmistakable voice inside ten pure, audacious, playful and kinetic songs. A resolutely focused album, it represents a rare chance to hear an established artist get plugged in and completely rework the songwriting process with wide-eyed, open-minded glee. Kidsticks is the follow up to Sugaring Season (2012), described by Pitchfork as “ten songs of sweet resilience delivered by a voice of seemingly effortless expression”.
Saosin [Along the Shadow]

May 20 CD street date / June 17 LP street date. Reunions are a beautiful thing, and for Saosin it’s been a long time coming. After a successful run of reunion concerts in 2010, the band have been working on the idea of recording together and it has finally come to pass. Saosin formed and released their first EP, Translating the Name, in 2003. Anthony Green parted ways with the band after they signed with a major label, and vocalist Cove Reber stepped in as front man. The band went on to release two major label albums without Green, Saosin (Capitol, 2006), and In Search of Solid Ground (Virgin, 2009). Anthony Green has been a part of the band Circa Survive since leaving Saosin. Chris Sorenson, Saosin bassist explains “We have known Brett Gurewitz/Epitaph was interested since our second show in 2003 but the timing wasn’t right. I am stoked to see our almost 13 year courtship come full circle in 2016. We’ve been working on the idea of recording a new Saosin record with Anthony since 2010. It’s great to be back, playing gigs, and writing the music we never had the chance to write from the beginning.” (LP includes Download)
Sonic Youth [Spinhead Sessions (1986) (Incl. Download)]

June 17 street date. Previously unreleased studio recordings from 1986. LP Includes digital download code. "Guitar harmonics billow like smoke, heavily reverbed drumming and shimmering cymbals echo from what sounds like the bottom of a deep mine. This newly born Spinhead Sessions release once again defines Sonic Youth in a raw and engaging state of discovery at a terrific time. Is it a missing link between the complex, crafted cavernosity of EVOL and the frayed-electric powerline sizzle of Sister? Yes and no. It’s an entirely unique animal, a meditative album where you can soak in the template of tapping overtones, sedate explorations of new chords, even sounding at times like AMM trying to play the VU’s Sweet Sister Ray bootleg or something similar. It’s trademark Sonic Youth at the core, and in an unfettered, dreamy state and time, there and gone like smoke." —Brian Turner, WFMU Music Director
St. James, Ginger [One For the Money]

June 3 street date. With her sultry and powerful voice, her sassy and commanding stage presence, and a repertoire that blends country, rock n’ roll and blues, Ginger St. James packs a lot of entertainment into her 5-foot frame. Following the tradition of country songbirds like Loretta Lynn, Ginger writes and sings music from real experience; growing up on the family farm, being broke, having fun, and love gone wrong. Her early life in Binbrook, Ontario was heavily influenced by American southern culture, listening to country radio in the barn. Although trips with Dad to the vintage car and rockabilly shows had their impact, her signature song ‘Ramblin’ Country Bumpkin’, proves that this gal is more Hee Haw than Happy Days. Ginger was voted Female Vocalist Of the Year at the Hamilton Music Awards 2015 !
Suicide [s/t]

June 17 street date. Superior Viaduct is honored to present Suicide – restored from the original mixes, fully sanctioned by the band and with liner notes by Thurston Moore. Suicide's landmark self-titled LP was originally released in 1977, seven years after the group's initial conception as part of the performance art scene on the Lower East Side. It is hard to overstate the importance of the seven tracks on Suicide, which paved the way for punk, industrial, hip hop, noise and beyond. "Ghost Rider" accelerates with brutal anguish and desire for everything rock 'n' roll. Martin Rev's utterly singular "instrument" pounds out a synthetic soundscape, while Alan Vega's oversaturated vocals obsess over motorcycle getaways. "Rocket U.S.A." distills the duo's dynamic power down to a ghostly pulse, while the psycho-drama of "Frankie Teardrop" (Bruce Springsteen's all-time favorite song) delves even further into cinematic storytelling and, at the same time, clears the room at the end of the night. If there can be a quintessential New York band, it is without a doubt Suicide.
Swans [The Glowing Man (3LP)]

June 17 street date. 3LP edition includes poster & digital download. “In 2009 when I made the decision to restart Swans, I had no idea where it would lead. I knew that if I took the road of mining the past or revisiting the catalog, that it would be fruitless and stultifying. Instead I chose the five people with whom to work that I believed would most ably provide a sense of surprise, and even uncertainty, while simultaneously embodying the strength and confidence to ride the river of intention that flows from the heart of the sound wherever it would lead us - and what’s the intention? LOVE! And so finally this LOVE has now led us, with the release of the new and final recording from this configuration of Swans, The Glowing Man, through four albums (three of which contain more complexity, nuance and scope than I would have ever dreamed possible), countless and seemingly endless tours and rehearsals, and a generally exhausting regimen that has left us stunned but still invigorated and thrilled to see this thing through to its conclusion. I hereby thank my brothers and collaborators for their commitment to whatever truth lies at the center of the sound". - Michael Gira 2016 (Also available #YG58 - 2CD set or #YG58X - 2CD+DVD)
Three O'Clock Train [Train of Dreams EP]

May 20 street date. Montreal based Three O'Clock Train were a stalwart in the 80's and 90's, churning out alt-country goodness inspired by the likes of Rank and File, Del Feugos and Jason and the Scorchers. After an extended hiatus the band is warming up the van in preparation to support their forthcoming E.P. that will provide a new take on four of the best tunes ever penned by bandleader Mack MacKenzie. Entitled "Train of Dreams" the E.P. is today's take on four Train classics. "Fake Honeymoon", "Fire I Can't Put Out", "Hold Me Tight" and the title track "Train of Dreams". The tracks were re-imagined by MacKenzie and Canadian producer Steve Kravac and given a complete re-vamp to bring performances and production to current levels. The results are more in line with a Tom Petty "Wildflowers" sound than the scrappy punk influenced records from the band's past.
Tyler, William [Modern Country]

June 3 street date. (LP includes full album download) Modern Country guests include Glenn Kotche (Wilco) and members of Megafaun (Brad Cook & Phil Cook) Modern Country is the fourth full-length album by guitarist and composer William Tyler and his first recorded outside of his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. It features an ensemble backing group consisting of multi-instrumentalist Phil Cook (Hiss Golden Messenger, Blind Boys of Alabama), bassist Darin Gray (Tweedy, Jim O’Rourke), and percussionist Glenn Kotche (Wilco). The album was tracked at April Base Studios in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and finished in Nashville, recorded and mixed by Jon Ashley, and produced by Tyler and Brad Cook. While there is never a comfort zone in instrumental music, Tyler attempts to leave any perceived one behind with Modern Country. His first album for Merge, 2013’s Impossible Truth, found Tyler exploring the boundaries of composition for solo guitar in a manner that paid homage to everyone from Leo Kottke to Brian Wilson. It was an epic song cycle that veered from cathedral-like psychedelic hymns to pastoral folk melodies. In contrast, Modern Country finds Tyler exploring more focused melodic themes rather than ethereal wanderings. These aren’t pop songs, per se, but they are closer in spirit to Neu!, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, and Bill Frisell. Primarily written while Tyler was on sabbatical in Oxford, Mississippi, where he stayed at the cabin of a family friend within a stone’s throw of William Faulkner’s house, Modern Country is a collection of songs about the vanishing America that still exists on back roads, in small towns, on AM radio stations. In an election year when so many certainties and assurances have vanished, Tyler doesn’t offer optimism or pessimism but rather a calm and measured commentary in our age of anxiety. Impossible Truth was rated Best of 2013 by publications such as NPR Music, The New Yorker, New York Magazine (Folk), Buzzfeed (Folk), Uncut, Spin.
V/A [Eccentric Soul: Sitting In the Park]

June 17 street date. Hear the document of one man’s passion crossing over into obsession. Chicago radio disc jockey and soul archivist Bob Abrahamian was deeply devoted to celebrating and documenting unknown Chicagoland group harmony music. Upon his untimely passing in 2014, he left behind hundreds of radio programs and a daunting collection of 35,000 carefully-selected 45s. Our collection borrows its title from Abrahamian’s long-running and acclaimed WHPK radio show, and it spins a tale that’s cautionary, inspiring, and set to the sounds of the impossible-to-find tracks that made Bob Abrahamian’s on-air playlist and animated the radio programs that were his life’s work. Collected here are 12 artists (16 on the CD) featured on Sitting In The Park, in their own words and through the lens of our friend Bob. A decade into its limitless ambitions, Numero’s flagship Eccentric Soul series is effectively remapping the American soul diaspora. Each compilation explores, in exacting detail, another US city’s smallest time hooks and would-be world beaters tossed into the glutted big-hole record sea of the 1960s and ’70s. In Eccentric Soul’s alternate universe are motley and mishandled Motowns beyond number, and the unforgettable records that could have, and should have, and never did. Find their stories here, retold for the first time.
White Zombie [It Came From N.Y.C. (5LP box)]

June 3 street date. New (3CD or 5LP) boxset featuring the early recordings from White Zombie !! (co-founded by Rob Zombie and Sean Yseult) Years before Beavis and Butt-head headbanged “Thunder Kiss ’65” and “More Human than Human” into the eternal rock video canon, there was primordial White Zombie—a quintessential, diabolically loud byproduct of Manhattan’s underground rock scene, born of artschool rendezvous and squalid apartment circumstance. It Came from N.Y.C. is the most exhaustive attempt so far to document the band’s wondrously ugly birth. Get reintroduced to White Zombie as New York noise-rock, a grotesque creation that clawed and threatened its way to crossover metal glory. On June 3rd 2016, Numero resurrects White Zombie’s eternally out-of-print early EPs and LPs as It Came From N.Y.C. Spread across five LPs or three compact discs, all 39 tracks have been remastered by guitarist J. Yuenger and packaged alongside the original lurid artwork. The accompanying 108-page book painstakingly documents White Zombie’s punishing progression through scores of unpublished photos, period discography, a T-shirtography, and tales from the terrifying early years that stitch together the sordid story of a band whose true power eclipsed its mainstream heyday. White Zombie lives. Don’t be afraid.
Williams, Andre [I Wanna Go Back To Detroit City]

June 3 street date. “An attitude bad enough to redefine that term and a hustler’s life story that Elmore Leonard couldn’t invent.” --JIM DEROGATIS, SOUND OPINIONS - At 79 years old, Andre“Mr Rhythm” Williams has been a singer, writer, producer, star-maker, showman, cult hero and hustler for six decades. He’s been high, and he’s been low. He’s toured the world in snazzy suits and lived on the streets asking for change. For I Wanna Go Back To Detroit City, his fifth album for Bloodshot Records, he wanted to return to his adopted hometown of Detroit - a town that’s seen peaks and valleys just like Andre; from hustle and bustle to bust, from drinking out of crystal to drinking out of brown paper. Here, the living legend is joined by a who’s-who of Detroit’s finest, including Dennis Coffey (Funk Brothers), Matthew Smith (Outrageous Cherry, Rodriguez), Dan Kroha (Gories, Demolition Doll Rods), and Jim White (Dirty Three, Cat Power) for a study in slow burning, slinky, psychedelic soul.
Wolves In The Throne Room [Diadem of 12 Stars (2LP)]

June 17 street date. 2LP / CD Reissue of out-of-print 2006 debut album ! Written almost exclusively in a windowless, black room over the long, dark nights of winter 2005, Diadem of 12 Stars was the first official Wolves In The Throne Room release. Re-imagining black metal as an ode to rain storms, wood smoke and the wild energies of the Pacific Northwest, Wolves In The Throne Room craft a unique melancholic atmosphere. It’s raw analog sound, paying homage to the band’s varied influences—the harsh black metal of Norwegians Ulver and Emperor, and their American counterparts Weakling and Ludicra; the monolithic heaviness of Neurosis and Swans; the sorrowful funeral doom of My Dying Bride; the mournful goth of Dead Can Dance—yet it distills these inspirations to create a sound entirely their own. Described by guitarist Nathan Weaver as “the most raw and punk” of their five full-length releases, Diadem of 12 Stars was recorded live to tape in Oakland by Tim Green. The band was joined in the studio by Jamie Myers (Hammers of Misfortune / Sabbath Assembly) and Dino Sommese (Asunder / Dystopia). Originally released on a small DIY label and unavailable physically for many years, the album has been carefully re-mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service. The band re-developed every photograph from the original negatives, creating richer, high quality prints in order to present the artwork as originally envisioned. Wolves In The Throne Room have released five studio albums, two EPs, and multiple live albums, including Two Hunters (2007), Black Cascade (2008) Celestial Lineage (2011), and Celestite (2014 — an instrumental, experimental companion to Celestial Lineage). Wolves In The Throne Room are currently working on new material (their heaviest and darkest in some time) and will tour the Eastern United States in September 2016.

Latest News

“The Bound Of The Red Deer” HOOF01 (fence) - The new album by King Creosote + Michael Johnston is one week away from street date !
 In anticipation, ‘Exclaim!’ is currently hosting a free album stream for a limited time only !!


King Creosote & Michael Johnston play 6 shows to support the release of their wonderful new album "The Bound Of the Red Deer" HOOF01 (fence)
Sat. May 28th Toronto, ON - The Burdock (early show)
Sun. May 29th Waterloo, ON (with special guest Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub) - Jane Bond
Tues. May 31st Belleville, ON
Wed. June 1st Montreal, PQ - O Patro Vys
Thurs. June 2nd Peterborough, ON - The Spill
Sat. June 4th Toronto, ON - The Burdock (early show)

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