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Anti-Flag [Beyond Barricades: The Story Of Anti-Flag]

November 6 street date. "Beyond Barricades: The Story of Anti-Flag" is a feature length documentary film that tells the story of political punk band Anti-Flag by diving into the world of punk rock and activism, shedding light on the trials and tribulations of playing politically charged music for over 25 years. An inspiring look at a group of musicians dedicating their lives to fighting for human rights through their songs and outreach. With their endless drive to help others, they put empathy over apathy and fight cynicism with optimism, but find that things could go tragically wrong at any moment. Features interviews with the band and contemporaries such as Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine), Billy Bragg, Tim McIlrath (Rise Against), Brian Baker (Bad Religion), Chris Cresswell (The Flatliners, Hot Water Music), Tom May and Greg Barnett (The Menzingers) and many more help tell the story of a band whose drive to spread their message is truly unstoppable.
Atmosphere [The Day Before Halloween (180g)]

October 30 for LP / November 13 for CD (date change). For over two decades, Atmosphere have built a legacy out of bringing honesty, humility and vulnerability to the forefront of their music, continually challenging themselves to evolve without straying too far from their roots. Slug has proven masterful at storytelling and writing compelling narratives, leaving a trail of his own influence while paying homage to the rappers and songwriters that shaped him. Ant has skillfully molded the soundtracks with inspiration from soul, funk, rock, reggae, and the wizardry of hip-hop's pioneering producers, creating his own trademark sounds while providing the pulse for songs about life, love, stress and setbacks. At its essence, Atmosphere has been a musical shepherd, and with each new album comes a new journey as they guide generations of listeners through this thing called life. Much like everything else in 2020 though, Atmosphere's new album, "The Day Before Halloween", is something of a detour from the anticipated path. Cutting loose and eschewing their established norms, Slug and Ant have delivered the anti-pop answer to the content and compositions of previous albums. Over razor-sharp drums and distorted synths, "The Day Before Halloween" explores the life of a visual artist living in an antiquated surveillance state. If you've entertained any theories that we've slipped into an alternate reality, you may find further evidence in this dark and brooding release of future's past.
British Sea Power [Open Season (2LP/1colour & 1pic disc Zoetrope)]

November 6 street date. On the 15th anniversary of its original release, Rough Trade Records are excited to announce that a reissue of British Sea Power's majestic second album, ‘Open Season’, will be released on 6th November, 2020. The expanded limited edition release will include additional live sessions, B-sides and rarities from the period and extensive new sleeve notes. The double LP is a one-off pressing, housed in a gatefold sleeve, the first disc on blue vinyl, with the second being a zoetrope picture disc. LP is limited to 2500 copies and will be numbered.
Cindy Lee [Model Express]

October 30 street date. Cindy Lee, the performance and songwriting vehicle of Calgary based artist Patrick Flegel (who fronted influential indie group Women earlier), previously stunned listeners with "Act Of Tenderness", a heart-wrenching statement informed by the noirish core of celebrity, and has continued to enchant with every album, including the startling "What's Tonight To Eternity" released earlier this year and which was longlisted for the 2020 Polaris Music Prize. "Model Express" originally appeared as a self-released edition of 100 gold cassettes. The arch, filmic drama of Cindy Lee's songwriting - realized with keyboards, guitars, aching voice and collaged, lo-fi production - traverses a wide range of emotional and sonic terrain. "Model Express" finds Flegel at both their most experimental and immediately melodic, and this first-time vinyl release recognizes the collected tracks as a pillar in the Cindy Lee catalogue.
Clipping [Visions Of Bodies Being Burned (LOSER edition-coloured vinyl)]

Oct. 23 street date. Limited LOSER edition - red, orange, and yellow mix. Last Halloween, Los Angeles experimental rap mainstays Clipping ended their three-year silence with the horrorcore-inspired album "There Existed an Addiction to Blood". Now rapper Daveed Diggs and producers Jonathan Snipes and William Hutson return with an even higher body count, more elaborate kills, and monsters that just won't stay dead. "Visions of Bodies Being Burned" is less a sequel than it is the second half of a planned diptych. It turns out, Clipping took to the thematic material of horrorcore like vampires to grave soil. "Visions of Bodies Being Burned" contains sixteen more scary stories disguised as rap songs, incorporating as much influence from Ernest Dickerson, Clive Barker, and Shirley Jackson as it does from Three 6 Mafia, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and Brotha Lynch Hung. Clipping's angular, shattered interpretations of existing musical styles are always deferential, driven by fandom for the object of study rather than disdain for it. Clipping reimagine horrorcore - the purposely absurdist hip-hop subgenre that flourished in the 1990s - the way Jordan Peele does horror cinema: by twisting beloved tropes to make explicit their own radical politics of monstrosity, fear, and the uncanny.
Distillers [The Distillers (20th Anniversary/remaster/colour)]

October 30 street date. To call The Distillers simply a punk band doesn't do justice to either the band or the word "punk". Guitarist, lyricist, and vocalist Brody Dalle uses her medium as a platform for a higher plane of visceral lyricism and independence. Few modern day punk icons have not only embodied the genre so truthfully but also transformed the depth of what it can mean so thoroughly. Recorded in 2000, their self-titled album is a throwback to the raw, in-your-face aggression reminiscent of late 1970s/early 1980s punk. In celebration of the 20th anniversary, "The Distillers" has been remastered and will available on coloured vinyl for the first time. The band are currently in the studio working on a new album expected out in 2020.
Eels [Earth To Dora]

October 30 street date. Eels have had one of the most consistently acclaimed careers in music. The ever-changing project of principal singer/songwriter E (Mark Oliver Everett), Eels have released twelve studio albums since their 1996 debut, "Beautiful Freak". "Earth To Dora", recorded at Eels' Los Feliz, California studio, makes thirteen. Speaking about the new record, E says "these songs came about just before the pandemic hit and changed everything. I'm hoping they can be, maybe kind of soothing or something. To hear songs dealing with things we are dreaming about getting back to. Or maybe people are dealing with some of the topics right now as well. Just one song was done in the thick of the early pandemic days, 'Are We Alright Again,' which is kind of a quarantine daydream I desperately needed to have".
Fall [The Frenz Experiment (2LP/expanded)]

October 23 street date. Beggars Arkive is excited to announce the upcoming reissue of The Fall's 10th studio album, 1988's "The Frenz Experiment". Available as an expanded edition on 2CD and 2LP, the releases both contain the original album plus singles and B-Sides. The LP version contains extensive sleeve notes with new interviews. The notes included with both formats contain brand new interviews conducted by Daryl Easley in May 2020. "The Frenz Experiment" includes The Fall's cover of the Northern Soul standard, "There's A Ghost In My House", which scored them their first UK Top 30 singles chart position. "Hit The North", one of their much-loved anthems, followed. "The Frenz Experiment" was released at the end of February 1988 and was the band's first UK Top 20 album.
Fripp, Robert [Exposure (2LP/original '79 & 2006 third edition/200g)]

October 30 street date. After an absence of 30 years, the first edition of Robert Fripp's "exposure" is available on vinyl again, now as 200-gram vinyl. The album has been mastered by Jason Mitchell at LOUD mastering from masters approved by Robert Fripp. The new 2 LP edition consists of the original 1979 release on LP1, while LP2 presents the 2006 third edition on vinyl for the first time. This is essentially, a version of the 1983 remix/1985 reissue with the inclusion of the 3 formerly unreleased Daryl Hall vocal tracks.
Fuzz [III]

October 23 street date. Charles Moothart, Ty Segall and Chad Ubovich are Fuzz. Fuzz is three. And III has returned. Songs for all, and music for one. "III" was recorded and mixed at United Recording under the sonic lordship of Steve Albini. Keeping the focus on the live sounds of the band, the use of overdubs and studio tricks were kept to a minimum. Albini's mastery in capturing sound gave the trio the ability to focus entirely on the playing while knowing the natural sounds would land. It takes the essential ingredients of "guitar-based music" and "rock and roll power trio" and puts them right out on the chopping block. It was a much more honest approach for the band - three humans getting primitive, staying primitive. The goal was never to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes it's just about seeing how long one can hold on before getting thrown off.
Garson, Mort [Mother Earth's Plantasia (2LP-180g)]

Please note new street date: November 27. Double 180 gram audiophile vinyl edition of this hot and nifty item! If you purchased a snake plant, asparagus fern, peace lily, or what have you from Mother Earth on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles (or bought a Simmons mattress from Sears) in 1976, you also took home "Plantasia", an album recorded especially for plants. Subtitled "warm earth music for plants and the people that love them," it was full of bucolic, charming, stoner-friendly, decidedly unscientific tunes enacted on the new-fangled device called the Moog. Few characters in early electronic music can be both fearless pioneers and cheesy trend-chasers, but Garson embraced both extremes, and has been unheralded as a result. Well before Brian Eno did it, Garson was making discreet music, both the man and his music as inconspicuous as a Chlorophytum comosum.
Harper, Ben [Winter Is For Lovers (white)]

October 23 street date. "Winter Is For Lovers" was a lifetime in the making... a solo lap-steel guitar piece incorporating elements of delta blues, flamenco, and even Satie-like minimalism, this work resonates with lyrical virtuosity, originality and soul. In some ways "Winter Is For Lovers" is a love letter to Ben Harper's longtime fans who have always revered his guitar virtuosity; it's the record they always wanted him to make. For many other music lovers, this record is a revelation, an unknown side to a a celebrated artist showing a sense of meticulousness, depth and music history that will add new dimensions to an already renowned career. As a child, before Ben Harper was even playing music, he sat at the feet of folk luminaries like Rev. Gary Davis, John Fahey, Ry Cooder and others in his grandparents' Folk Music Center in Claremont, CA, soaking up their influence and passion for pure guitar music. As a teenager, while discovering his own musical gifts, he was repairing guitars and being mentored by many of these artists, most notably, Taj Mahal. While his musical path has taken him to worldwide fame playing rock and roll, and many other idioms, that pure guitar music has always been central to his musical heart. Ultimately, "Winter Is For Lovers" is a very personal statement from Ben Harper, drawing from the bountiful garden of his earliest musical impressions and propelling him into the future with an elegiac masterpiece.
Lambchop [TRIP (Peak Vinyl indie shop version/colour)]

November 13 street date. In the fall of 2019, Lambchop's Kurt Wagner had a unique idea: In lieu of going on what would become an economically disastrous tour, he would invite the band to Nashville to make a record as a way to provide them with similar financial support and realize something tangible in the process. Each band member was tasked with choosing one song for the band to cover, and leading the recording session to completion each day. Wagner says, "my idea was to see what might happen if I removed myself from the process as much as possible. In doing so, what surfaced would be elements that have always been there but maybe got overshadowed by my songwriting and approach". "TRIP" sounds like a culmination of the band's older work and current work. There's a looseness and freedom that recalls their older sound mixed with a group sophistication and innovation derived through the process of playing together for so long.
Lenker, Adrianne [Songs And Instrumentals (2LP)]

October 23 street date. Big Thief's Adrianne Lenker's "songs and instrumentals" are two distinct collections, both written and recorded in April after Big Thief's March tour was abruptly cut short due to coronavirus. After returning to the states from Europe, Lenker decamped to a one room cabin in the mountains of western Massachusetts. With a hankering to capture the feel of the space, Lenker enlisted the help of engineer Philip Weinrobe, gathering a mass of tape machines, a binaural head, and a pile of XLR cables. Nine of these songs were written freshly during the recording session. Lenker and Phil began and closed each day with an improvised acoustic guitar instrumental, later making a collage of their favorite pieces, which became the first side of the instrumentals album. This recording is 100% analog-analog-analog (AAA). No digital process was used in the production of this sound recording. The album's stunning artwork are watercolor paintings done by Adrianne's grandmother, Diane Lee.
Loma [Don't Shy Away (translucent yellow vinyl)]

October 23 street date. Limited edition translucent yellow vinyl first pressing. On December 26th, 2018, Emily Cross received an excited email from a friend: Brian Eno was talking about her band on BBC radio. "At first I didn't think it was real," she admits. But then she heard a recording: Eno was praising "Black Willow" from Loma's self-titled debut. At the time, a second Loma album seemed unlikely. But after a few months apart (and Eno's encouraging words), the trio changed their minds and began to develop songs that would become "Don't Shy Away". The album that emerged is gently spectacular - a vivid work whose light touch belies its timely themes of solitude, impermanence, and finding light in deep darkness. A series of guests contributed to the absorbing soundscapes of "Don't Shy Away", including touring members Emily Lee (piano, violin) and Matt Schuessler (bass), Flock of Dimes/Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner, and a surprisingly bass-heavy horn section. And then there's Brian Eno. Loma invited him to participate in the mantra-like "Homing", which concludes the album and sent him stems to interact with in any way he liked. He never spoke directly with the band, but his completed mix arrived via e-mail late one night, without warning.
Molchat Doma [Monument]

November 13 street date. "Monument" is a fitting title for the third album by Belarusian trio Molchat Doma. Indeed, it stands as a monument to everything they've achieved in their short time as a band, from whispered-about unknowns, to enigmatic underground icons, to legitimate viral sensations with hundreds of thousands of TikTok videos using their music. "Monument" sees them return as conquering heroes, expanding on the minimalist greatness of their previous albums to fully realize a more maximalist vision of their crystalline post-punk sound. "Monument" is a conscious step up in songwriting and fidelity, and it reveals a band preternaturally comfortable in its own skin. With "Monument", Molchat Doma have done one of the hardest things to do as a band. They've greatly expanded the scope of their music while retaining everything that made them great in the first place.
NOFX [The Decline Live From Red Rocks]

Please note new street date: October 30. It has been more than 20 years since NOFX released arguably one of the most important (and looooooongest) song in punk rock history. While the world was a very different place way back in 1999, "The Decline" is still just as relevant (if not more-so) today. After years of teasing to release a live version of this nearly 20 minutes opus in its entirety, the time has finally come. NOFX is ready to unleash "The Decline Live at Red Rocks". The song was played at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater alongside a full orchestra (Baz and his Orchestra)! NOFX fans have longed for the day they would get to hear this elusive live track, and now they get it from the comfort of their living room. If that wasn't enough, also included is a brand new unreleased song on the b-side! Fans will be clamoring to get their hands on this one.
Skullcrusher [Skullcrusher EP (transparent cloudy clear vinyl)]

October 23 street date. Skullcrusher is, by all accounts, an exploration of the ways you become yourself when you aren't looking - and how that feels once you start paying attention. It's a quiet power; a hushed celebration of the tiny, understated subtleties that culminate into knowing yourself. On her debut EP, songwriter Helen Ballentine offers an airy, intense, and unflinchingly open collection of songs written about - and from - one of life's in-between grey areas, a stretch of uncertainty and unemployment, and the subsequent search for identity. Here, as Skullcrusher, Ballentine grapples with how to communicate her private self to an audience. Skullcrusher's understated energy radiates with the atmosphere of waking up to the quiet terror of shapeless, structureless days, but it finds power in eschewing the pressures of careerism and a vapid culture of productivity. Instead, as Skullcrusher, Ballentine has the audacity to be comfortable enough with herself, and to simply accept the unknown as her life.
This Is The Kit [Off Off On (red/indie shop version)]

October 23 street date. This is The Kit are pleased to announce their new album ‘Off Off On’. Since 2008's debut album "Krulle Bol", This Is The Kit (led by Kate Stables) have unpicked emotional knots and woven remarkable stories, but even by their high standards, "Off Off On" is a beautifully clear distillation of Stables' song-writing gifts. By the end of 2018, the band had finished touring their last album, the talismanic "Moonshine Freeze" - leading to Kate's Ivor Novello nomination, but when it came to Stables' natural impulse to start the next record, her efforts were diverted by an invitation to join The National on the road for multiple tours and TV appearances - a continuation of the role she took on their album "I Am Easy To Find". Richly illuminating and acutely sensitive to the pulses and currents of life, "Off Off On" shows This Is The Kit overflowing with ideas. In difficult times, it's a record that feels like a lifeline, moving against the tide, standing against the storm. Keep going.
Tobacco [Hot Wet & Sassy (black & clear striped vinyl)]

October 30 street date. Black & clear striped vinyl edition, limited to 2000 copies worldwide. It's been four years since "Sweatbox Dynasty", the fourth solo LP from Pennsylvanian experimentalist TOBACCO. In that time, Tom Fec's project has toured with Nine Inch Nails, provided the theme song to HBO series "Silicon Valley", and teamed with Aesop Rock for a collaborative album as Malibu Ken. He now returns to Ghostly International for "Hot Wet & Sassy", a full-length album oozing with his most playful and approachable songs to date, which, conversely, express notions of antilove, self-hate, and disappointment in others. Pop impulses have always surged beneath the surface of his sound -blown-out bass, analog synths, drum machines, and Fec's unmistakable analog gurgle and hiss - here they've bubbled to the top. Includes a collaboration with Trent Reznor on the track "Babysitter" - a work of alchemy seamlessly blending TOBACCO's trademarks with Reznor's industrial rust and sonic gore.
V/A [Vol. 4 Redux (black vinyl)]

October 30 street date. Magnetic Eye bows at the Birmingham altar to celebrate Black Sabbath's 50th anniversary, offering an end-to-end re-imagining of "Vol. 4", one of the most acclaimed albums in the Sabbath canon. A pantheon of metal and doom heavyweights, including some of metal's most famously Sabbath-inspired icons, pays homage to the record where the masters began to expand their minds and their weighty foundation. "Vol. 4 [Redux]" features stunning takes on each song from the undeniable classic, with incomparable tributes by Matt Pike, Haunt, The Obsessed, Thou, Zakk Sabbath, Spirit Adrift, and more.
Washington, Kamasi [Becoming (music from the Netflix Documentary)]

December 11 street date. Kamasi Washington composed and produced the original score for "Becoming", the four time Emmy-nominated film that provided an intimate glimpse into the life of Michelle Obama. Produced by Netflix Originals, "Becoming" documented a moment of profound change for the former First Lady, not only for her personally but for the country she and her husband served over eight impactful years in the White House. Washington, who joined the project in its embryonic stages, provides the powerful musical backdrop.
XTC [Drums And Wires (200g + 7" ltd.)]

November 6 street date. "Drums And Wires" is the tenth in a series of XTC Classics to be issued on a 200 gram vinyl edition. The initial run includes an extra 7" single, previously only available in the first pressing of the original UK vinyl release. The album has been mastered by Jason Mitchell at LOUD mastering with input from Andy Partridge and is fully approved by XTC. Includes the classic hits "Making Plans For Nigel" and "Life Begins At The Hop".

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