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Cook, Hollie [Vessel of Love]

January 26 stret date. Hollie Cook combines her unique vocal talent and charisma to craft a dynamic strand of lovers rock with enduring tropical vibes, weaving a path from her West London roots to an arena of diverse collaborations, critically acclaimed records, and iconic live appearances around the world. Cook’s ability to surprise, delight, and progress solidifies her position as one of the most exciting voices in reggae, and this is clear on her third full-length and Merge debut, Vessel of Love. Cook’s music career commenced at age 19, when family friend and punk trailblazer Ari Up asked Cook to join the raucous ’70s post-punk outfit The Slits for their reformation in 2006. Thrown into the deep end she thrived, and quickly cut her teeth with four years of back-to-back shows around the globe. Acclaimed legendary producer Martin “Youth” Glover (Killing Joke) lends his venerable production expertise to Vessel of Love. Hollie Cook sits in good company on Glover’s impressive production list, joining Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, The Verve, Primal Scream, Pink Floyd, and Depeche Mode. Glover describes Cook’s songs as “sharp lyrical observations and clever word play combined with an exquisite and informed pop sensibility.” Hollie Cook’s vibrant, spirited take on lovers rock radiates positivity, and with Vessel of Love, expect to see her on top of the tropical throne of pop in 2018!
Ethier, Andre [Under Grape Leaves]

Please note: new street date is December 15. In Andre Ethier’s (The Deadly Snakes) remarkable album 'Under Grape Leaves', a world emerges in and out of focus under the dappled green light of a backyard arbor. This collection of songs offers a kind of escape, but the invitation is less about checking out than it is about checking in. The record feels like a surreal and subtle manifesto for embracing radical domesticity in the midst of the modern storm, which here is just a distant synthetic rumble in the background. There are shifts in perspective and in landscape, from the rhythms of dishes knocking together in the sink to the space between the sea and the sea wall. Blending acoustic guitar with common household instruments like flute, recorder, and a drum machine, this feels homemade in the most literal sense. But this isn’t to say that it the record doesn’t come across as carefully constructed — the attention to detail is evident in each well considered line and in the whole project’s wave-like flow. This is Andre's 3rd solo album, which was produced by Sandro Perri (Constellation Records / DFA).
Godflesh [Post Self]

December 8 street date. Over 2 years in the making, 'Post Self' explores the less 'metal' side of Godflesh; taking in the formative influences, and spitting out something more informed by late 70's early 80's post punk and industrial than it is anything metal related. Thematically personal and obsessive, exploring anxiety, depression, fear, mortality, and relationships.
Graham, Davy [Large As Life and Twice As Natural]

December 8 street date. One of the most influential figures in the 1960s British folk scene, Davy Graham inspired many practitioners of the fingerstyle acoustic guitar of the era, notably Bert Jansch, John Martyn and Jimmy Page. Graham is probably best known for his acoustic instrumental Anji and for popularizing DADGAD tuning, later widely adopted by many acoustic guitarists. Not one to be categorised, Graham could be seen covering the genres of folk, blues and jazz. Graham was an entirely British phenomenon in the sixties, none of his early records were originally issued in the U.S. Originally released in January 1965, this edition of Folk, Blues and Beyond is its official, American debut. It remains perfectly named, a stunning introduction to the breadth of Graham's craft and seeking at the peak of his impact.
Graham, Davy [Folk, Blues & Beyond]

December 8 street date. One of the most influential figures in the 1960s British folk scene, Davy Graham inspired many practitioners of the fingerstyle acoustic guitar of the era, notably Bert Jansch, John Martyn and Jimmy Page. Graham is probably best known for his acoustic instrumental Anji and for popularizing DADGAD tuning, later widely adopted by many acoustic guitarists. Not one to be categorised, Graham could be seen covering the genres of folk, blues and jazz. Graham was an entirely British phenomenon in the sixties, none of his early records were originally issued in the U.S. Originally released in January 1965, this edition of Folk, Blues and Beyond is its official, American debut. It remains perfectly named, a stunning introduction to the breadth of Graham's craft and seeking at the peak of his impact.
Husker Du [Savage Young Du (4LP)]

Please note: New street date is January 12 (for LP) / December 15 (for CD) (available as 3CD or 4LP box) Experience the punishing sonic origins of a punk icon. Collected here for the first time, and skillfully remastered from original board tapes, demos, and session masters, this collection is an authoritative chronicling of the wellspring and maturation of Grant Hart, Greg Norton and Bob Mould—three St. Paul teenagers who’d go on to become the most heralded trio of the American punk underground. Follow the Hüskers to their earliest gigs in 1979, through extensive road dog touring, and to the start of their partnership with West Coast tastemak er SST in 1983. This primitive stage in the fabled car eer of Hüsker Dü is presented as a deluxe box set and packaged with a hardbound book crammed full of never before seen photos, flyers, and a sprawling essay with participation from the band. Spread across four LPs or three CDs, 47 of the 69 songs compiled here are previously unissued. Also included are Statues/Amusement, In A Free Land, Everything Falls Apart, and an alternate recording of the Land Speed Record set.
Kasabian [For Crying Out Loud (2017)]

December 15 street date. Kasabian's newest LP gets the vinyl treatment! Kasabian are back with an explosive, career best album brimming with confidence, swagger and huge tunes on “For Crying Out Loud,” their sixth studio album! Just last week, this certified-silver album in the UK made NME's Top 50 Albums of 2017. This marks the first time available on vinyl in North America.
Laraaji [Vision Songs]

January 19 street date. Vision Songs Vol. 1 (1984) is the LARAAJI album like no other, located at the intersection of new age and gospel. It is both his outlier and magnum opus, the feel-good DIY tape of the century. Discovered busking in Washington Square Park by Brian Eno in the late 70s, engagement with the eternal flow has led Laraaji to, seemingly by magic, emerge as the most beloved avatar of the unstoppable new age music revival of recent years. Now Vision Songs rewrites Laraaji's musical history. Vision Songs is literally a revelation -- of a master songwriter whose unbelievably catchy best compositions such as "We Shall Be Lifted", "All Of A Sudden", and "Is This Clear?" belong in any great American songbook. Casio synth jams recorded at spiritual retreat guest rooms and a tiny bedroom on the Upper West Side, lysergically-spectacular anthems for a continually arriving new moment, "channeled," as Laraaji states in the album's eloquent liner notes, "from the sky," previously available in an edition of 100 cassettes sold at yoga retreats and on the streets of New York City, Vision Songs is humbly offered on vinyl, CD, and streaming for the very first time.
McEntire, H.C. [Lionheart]

January 26 street date. H.C. McEntire, frontwoman of Mount Moriah & Bellafea, strikes out on her own with her debut solo album LIONHEART, a collection of songs inspired by the American South and a desire to reclaim “country” music from the heteronormative, homogenous schtick of tailgates and six-packs and men chasing women. Stereogum describes her voice as “weary, wise, and bright as morning sunshine all at once,” and that sunshine glows throughout the triumphant LIONHEART. “LIONHEART is personal: from recording it mostly at my house, to inviting close friends to play on it and put themselves in it, to the deeply autobiographical narratives of place and people,” writes McEntire. “In music, there are no rules. You make your own language. You can be both the Southern rock outlier and the twangy gospel conduit. You can be both the cherubic, honey-tongued innocent and the ardent punk. To get here—to find my lion heart—I had to become them all.” For the album, McEntire collaborated with many of her favorite musicians, including Kathleen Hanna, Angel Olsen, Amy Ray, Daniel Hart, Tift Merritt, William Tyler, and Phil Cook, while remaining bravely devoted to her most authentic self throughout the process. LIONHEART was recorded during the first few months of 2017 with additional recording and mixing taking place on the run as McEntire toured the world as a member of Angel Olsen’s band. “I learned a great deal about who I am and how to trust myself while making this record,” muses McEntire. “In general, the songs feel more country to me, in a sincere way. There’s gospel. There’s more pop. There’s no hiding.”
Motion City Soundtrack [Even If It Kills Me (2LP) 10th anniversary version]

December 8 street date. (2LP 180 gram Black vinyl edition) To celebrate the 10th anniversary of it’s original release, Epitaph Records is proud to present the expanded LP edition of MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK’s Even If It Kills Me. A smart, catchy album filled with infectious songs from start to finish, Even If It Kills Me - 10th Anniversary edition features a second LP with fourteen additional tracks, including acoustic versions, b-sides, live recordings and demos which have never before been available on vinyl.
No Age [Snares Like A Haircut]

January 26 street date. Recorded in a few days and mixed forever, "Snares Like a Haircut" finds NO AGE in full on mode, because there was nothing else to do but go full on. In the songs inside the songs, the thumpy/thwappy drums, the desperately voiced paens to determination, a promise from the 1980s echoes once again across today, for the undetermined in-between generation reality seekers. With "Snares Like a Haircut", No Age scrub the itch in the little moments, engage actively with the process and carve/plaster/shave something in an album shape that’ll last.
OCS (Thee Oh Sees) [Memory Of A Cut Off Head (2LP)]

Please note: New street date is December 1. It is easy to forget (especially amidst the ringing of ears and aching of muscles after a typical Oh Sees show) that initially, OCS was a rather hushed affair. After the minimalistic brutality of Coachwhips, the band was the diametric opposite corner of John Dwyer’s musical world, quiet to the point of whispered in the wind, buffeted by the airy whirr of singing saw, soft and strange. Those early records especially had a rather contraband hush about them, as if the party had gone on all night and continued into the morning and everyone’s raspy from talking too much and agrees to whisper and pantomime as they watch the sun come up over the hills. Since then of course, things got gradually louder, faster, crazier...the band evolved into the Oh Sees everyone knows. For the 20th Oh Sees release, 100th Castle Face title, and 20th year doing it, Dwyer re-examines the quieter roots of it all in particularly baroque and homesteadly fashion. Memory Of A Cut Off Head was co-written with longtime collaborator and vocal counterpoint Brigid Dawson, recorded in total in Dwyer’s own Stu Stu Studio, and it’s lush, sumptuous in texture, but satisfyingly retains the gentle grace of the early stuff. There’s beautifully executed strings throughout, courtesy of Heather Lockie’s fine arrangements, horn arrangements courtesy of Mikal Cronin, and they even brought back the old saw—Patrick Mullins, that is—on saw and electronics. A return and a refinement of old forms, a few solemn meditations on life lived at high velocity, perhaps a respite from it…a softer side of JPD and distinguished company.
Old Firm Casuals [For The Love Of It All (2LP/Download)]

December 15 street date. (The Old Firm Casuals are an Oi band formed in 2010, featuring Lars Frederiksen of Rancid (vocals, guitar), with former Never Healed members Casey Watson (vocals, bass) and Paul Rivas (drums) and Gabriel Gabriloff (lead, rhythm guitar vocals)) Originally released in 2011, this album compiles The Old Firm Casuals' early singles and EPs (with the exception of their debut EP). These 24 tracks are far and away the best display of out-of-the-gate talent and momentum shown in the punk and oi scene in a long time. This is one album that deserves to remain available for new fans and diehards alike. 2LP includes digital download.
Portal [ION (Gatefold)]

January 26 street date. ION is the fifth full-length album from enigmatic Australian avant-garde death metal surrealists PORTAL. ION is the band’s most intense and experimental release to date, an album not for the faint of heart and/of mind. Featuring artwork and design by Zbigniew Bielak (Ghost). Vinyl edition comes in a gatefold jacket with a fold out poster and a designed vellum inner sleeve. (Also available on CD cat. # PFL188)
Segall, Ty [Freedom's Goblin]

January 26 street date. "Freedom's Goblin" is the new TY SEGALL album: 19 tracks strong, filling four sides of vinyl nonstop, with an unrestricted sense of coming together to make an album. It wants you to get your head straight - but first, the process will make your head spin! Back in the "Twins" days, we talked about the schizophrenia of Ty's outlook; today, it's super-dual, with loads of realities all folding back on each other. On any given side, we're tracking five or six full-blown personalities, unconcerned with convention or continuity. "Freedom's Goblin" is thick with deep songwriting resources, be it stomper, weeper, ballad, screamer, banger or funker-upper, all diverted into new TYdentities - each one marking a different impasse, like a flag whirling into a knot, exploding and burning on contact, in the name of love and loathing.
Shimizu, Yasuaki [Kakashi]

December 8 street date (date change). 1982 album from Japan's visionary saxophonist Yasuaki Shimizu, the man behind Mariah 'Utakata Ho Hibi’ (PFL005). Through its 8 suite-like tracks, Kakashi transports the listener into Yasuaki's colorful sound-world, a fusion of outre jazz, new wave, ambient, and dub practices. Another high water mark in the 80s Japanese underground which has gathered cult status in recent years, and considered to be a highlight of Yasuaki's solo career.
Shimizu, Yasuaki [Music For Commercials]

December 8 street date (date change). Originally issued in 1987, Yasuaki Shimizu wrote and recorded this brilliant and inventive collection of short pieces, initially conceived for Japanese TV commercials. This album has achieved near-mythical status in the last few years, which have seen artists such as Oneohtrix Point Never sing its praise. It should be noted that Yasuaki is the man responsible for the wonderful record Utakata No Hibi under the name Mariah from 1983, and reissued in 2015.
Sun Ra & His Astro-Infinity Arkestra [My Brother the Wind, Vol. 1 (2LP)]

Please note: new street date is December 1. My Brother the Wind, Vol. 1 captures Afrofuturist visionary Sun Ra's initial 1969 encounter with the Moog synthesizer. The album has been meticulously remastered from archival session tapes and includes rare and previously unreleased studio material. Recorded in 1969 and self-released by Sun Ra in 1970 on his independent Saturn label, My Brother the Wind is one of several albums that showcase Ra's initial reckonings with the then-recently introduced Moog synthesizer. Although the Astro Infinity Arkestra is credited on the original Saturn LP sleeve, only three sidemen were on the session—reed players Marshall Allen, John Gilmore, and Danny Davis, with Moog performance pioneer Gershon Kingsley serving as synth programmer and technical consultant.The original 1970 Saturn release featured four tracks, which are included on disc 1 of this two-LP remastered edition. Disc 2, side A features the complete tracking session of Ra's Moog-centric single "The Perfect Man," with three full takes of the title, including two previously unissued versions. Side B of disc 2 features the monumental 18-minute "Space Probe," an outrageously freewheeling Ra solo work recorded on a Moog (or two) around the same time. The remastered LP and CD editions include liner notes by Moog historian Brian Kehew. Technical notes are provided by jazz historian Ben Young, who also restored and remastered the album with Joe Lizzi.
Swingin' Utters [Drowning in the Sea, Rising With the Sun]

Dec. 8 street date. In celebration of SWINGIN' UTTERS' three decades as a band, as well as their continued forward momentum, we'’re proud to announce "Drowning In The Sea, Rising With The Sun", a 33-song best-of compilation that serves as a testament to the band's’ peerless punk rock attack.This double LP/single CD collects songs that represent the band’s history. There are live staples, fan favorites, and even a few tracks that never work their way into the band's live show. Touching on every era of SWINGIN' UTTERS - from 1992's "Scared" to their 1995 debut album "The Streets of San Francisco", all the way up to 2014's "Fistful of Hollow" - this collection is a testament to a band that never tried to fit into anyone else's box. For fans, it's a celebration of one of the Bay Area’s longest standing creative forces. And for the uninitiated, it offers a cohesive rundown on a band that is impossible to sum up. Stay tuned for much more from one of FAT's longest running bands, with new material on the way, and tons of touring planned throughout 2018!
Tharpe, Sister Rosetta [Live In 1960]

December 15 street date. Black vinyl version. Remastered at Infrasonic Mastering, Pressed at Pallas. Sister Rosetta Tharpe was Nominated for 2018 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction! Sister Rosetta Tharpe was the first great recording star of gospel music and among the first gospel musicians to appeal to rhythm-and-blues and rock-and-roll audiences, later being referred to as “the original soul sister” and “the godmother of rock and roll”. This live recording from 1960 had never been on vinyl, until now, a whole 57 years later. The set has plenty of variety, lots of sincere feeling, and high levels of musicianship from the unique performer. Highlights include “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands,” “Didn’t It Rain,” “The Gospel Train” and “Down By the Riverside.” The album was remastered for vinyl from analog tape and pressed at Pallas Group in Germany.
V/A [To the Outside Of Everything (5CD) Story of UK post-punk 1977-81]

Dec. 8 street date. "Post-Punk" was a belated term adopted to describe the creative outpouring of largely independent music which flourished in the wake of the Punk explosion. Named after a lyric from Magazine's classic, "Shot By Both Sides", "To The Outside Of Eveything" tells a musical story of how the UK's post-punk scene evolved from the spirit of 1977 and the arrival of key labels such as Fast, Rough Trade, Zoo, Factory and Cherry Red. The 5 CD box includes landmark singles by Joy Division, PiL, Wire, Gang Of Four, The Slits, Killing Joke, Echo And The Bunnymen, Scritti Politti, The Pop Group, Human League, The Fall, Tubeway Army, Josef K, The Teardrop Explodes, Throbbing Gristle, The Psychedelic Furs, Theatre Of Hate, The Birthday Party, Fire Engines, and Ultravox (as well as many wonderful obscurities). The package also boasts a lengthy essay and band-by-band histories by ex-NME journalist Neil Taylor within a lavishly illustrated 48-page booklet.
V/A [Sun Records Does Hank Williams]

January 12 street date. Original Recordings, Remastered for Vinyl! Sun Records Does Hank Williams is a collection of Hank Williams hits performed by artists from the legendary Sun Record Company catalog. The compilation features Sun's well loved superstars, alongside a handful of lesser-known Sun Records artists. Featuring: Carl Mann, Sonny Burgess, Johnny Cash, Eddie Bond, Carl McVoy, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roland Janes, Johnny Cash, Cliff Gleaves, Warren Smith, Jerry Lee Lewis & Barbara Pittman.
Voodoo Glow Skulls [The Band Geek Mafia]

December 8 street date. Band Geek Mafia is fan favorite from VOODOO GLOW SKULLS. Originally released in 1998. This album is soon to be 20 years old, and still as fun and irreverent as the day it was released.
Zazou/Bikaye/CY1 [Noir et Blanc]

December 15 street date. Vinyl reissue of one of the biggest cult albums in the history of Crammed Discs, Noir et Blanc was a studio encounter between Congolese singer Bony Bikaye, Algerian-born French composer Hector Zazou and mad scientists CY1, it's traditional Central African vocals and uncompromising analog electronics was unanticipated at the time and remains sonically relevant to this day. This 1983 LP is constantly being (re)discovered by generations of fans, musicians and DJs, who hail it as an unsurpassed Afro/electronic milestone. Remastered from original analogue tapes, with 5 previously unreleased original demos available on DL card and new liner notes by Andy Beta. "One of the most innovative LPs of the year... in the same class as Byrne and Eno's "Bush Of Ghosts"... resembles the startling outcome of an imaginary collaboration between DAF and Fela Kuti" (Melody Maker, UK, '83)

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