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Atreyu [The Beautiful Dark Of Life]

December 8 street date. "The Beautiful Dark Of Life" is the ninth studio album from Atreyu, and their most ambitious project ever. Unfurled throughout the year as a series of three EPs, culminating in a surprise album release, Atreyu are taking their audience on a journey through "the seasons of life" and the rollercoaster of human existence. With songs that speak openly and honestly about anxiety, depression, self-belief, love, and identity, "The Beautiful Dark Of Life" represents Atreyu's most universal and important songwriting to date. Through the expression of deeply personal feelings and emotions, Atreyu are giving a voice to a global audience dealing with the very same issues that the band are laying bare, and who are seeking solace, empathy, escapism and empowerment through music. With sonics that touch every corner of the heavy music sphere - from metal to punk and alternative, via 1980s classic rock and with shades of industrial, hip-hop and unashamed pop - "The Beautiful Dark Of Life" is an album that showcases the very best of Atreyu and every influence that guides them, speaking more than ever to a generation of music fans who care little for the traditional constraints of genre.
Avenged Sevenfold [Nightmare (2LP/purple)]

December 22 street date. "Nightmare" was Avenged Sevenfold's 5th studio album and the first to not feature their drummer The Rev, although parts written by The Rev were used as well as some vocal recordings. "Nightmare" has sold over 1.3 million copies worldwide and has been streamed over 800 million times and continues to be one of their most popular albums. The album reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and is RIAA certified gold.
Avenged Sevenfold [City Of Evil (2LP/gold)]

December 1 street date. Limited edition gold double vinyl LP pressing. "City of Evil" is the third studio album by Avenged Sevenfold, originally released in 2005. Co-produced by Andrew Murdock, "City of Evil" contains a more traditional heavy metal and hard rock sound than Avenged Sevenfold's previous two albums, which showcased a predominantly metalcore sound. The album is also notable for the absence of screaming vocals. M. Shadows worked for months before the album's release with vocal coach Ron Anderson, whose clients have included Axl Rose and Chris Cornell, to achieve a sound that had "grit while still having the tone". In order to increase stamina and strength on the pedals, The Rev would sit for hours practicing until he could get up to 210 beats per minute. The album contains some of Avenged Sevenfold's most popular and famous songs, including "Bat Country", which is arguably their most successful to date, being one of their two singles certified Gold by the RIAA.
Big Thief [Masterpiece]

December 8 street date. Big Thief present the remastered reissue of their 2016 debut album, "Masterpiece", arriving for the first time on 4AD. The 12 track album is filled with characters and visceral narratives, songs that pivot in the space of a few words. Adrianne Lenker's voice and guitar playing speak of rich emotional territory with grace and insight. In her words, the record tracks "the masterpiece of existence, which is always folding into itself, people attempting to connect, to both shake themselves awake and to shake off the numbness of certain points in their life. The interpretations might be impressionistic or surrealistic, but they're grounded in simple things". Containing much-loved songs such as ‘Paul’, ‘Real Love’, and ‘Masterpiece’, the album was recorded in July 2015 at an old house that they turned into a studio on Lake Champlain, with producer Andrew Sarlo and engineer James Krivchenia (who would go on to become a full-time Big Thief member).
Boygenius [Boygenius (5th Anniversary Revisionist History Edition/yellow)]

December 8 street date. Originally released October 26, 2018, the "boygenius" EP marked Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus' debut as a trio. In the half-decade since, a lot has happened: a debut LP, magazine covers, a world tour, along with sold-out gigs at MSG and the Hollywood Bowl. And that's not even getting into the three iconic solo albums that dropped in the interim, "Little Oblivions", "Punisher", and "Home Video". Today, though, we celebrate these six songs, which were recorded at Los Angeles' storied Sound City studios. Pitchfork named the EP "Best New Music", calling it "a blueprint for how to do a super-group right" (8.3/10). Now, "boygenius" returns to us in a limited edition yellow vinyl revisionist history pressing with a brand new gatefold sleeve with lyrics.
Bright Eyes [A Christmas Album (clear red vinyl)]

November 10 street date. Bright Eyes' "A Christmas Album" begins with a piano, flute, ambient noise, and musical saw-driven version of "Away In A Manger", helping weed out casual Christmas music enjoyers, but all too tempting for the most devout of Conor Oberst's disciples, who originally learned that the warmth of the holiday season is trumped only by its potential for melancholy back in 2002 with the original Saddle Creek release. Oberst and a small army of friends at his house proceed to jamboree through Christmas classics like "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas", "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", and "Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem". Holiday cheer, when delivered with Oberst's trademark tremble, sounds more like a lament than it does hymns of ecclesiastical joy. But the spirited listener will find that the fragile, homespun, and somewhat blinkered vibe that permeates the album sets itself apart from the bog-standard, less sonically humble offerings of the holidays, and, both strangely and satisfyingly, is probably more aligned with the true spirit of the season.
Car Seat Headrest [Faces From the Masquerade (2LP)]

December 8 street date. On March 28-30, 2022, Car Seat Headrest played three consecutive sold out nights at New York's Brooklyn Steel. An air of celebration, community and showmanship was present, made all the more palpable as the shows were far from a certainty - they took place amidst a year which saw the band having to postpone or cancel a large swath of their North American tour dates due to ongoing health issues. The three night residency is captured on "Faces From The Masquerade" - a double album's worth of live performances that finds Car Seat Headrest at their most playful, exuberant and precision honed. The title alludes to the by now familiar, custom-made gas mask worn by frontman Will Toledo at shows, complete with an expressive LED display for eyes. In addition to the group's four core members - Toledo, guitarist/backing vocalist Ethan Ives, bassist Seth Dalby and drummer Andrew Katz - they were joined on the tour by keyboard player Ben Roth.
Charles, Ray [The Spirit Of Christmas]

Available now. Recorded in 1985, "The Spirit Of Christmas" finds Ray Charles performing a variety of holiday favourites with vocal assistance from the Raelettes and an appearance by jazz trumpeter Freddie Hubbard. The ten tracks mix standards and originals, including "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town," "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," and the ballad "That Spirit of Christmas," which was featured in the movie "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation". "The Spirit Of Christmas" is perfect background music for any holiday celebration.
Children Of Bodom [A Chapter Called Children Of Bodom (2LP-black vinyl)]

December 15 street date. Children Of Bodom was a Finnish melodic death metal band, formed in 1993 as Inearthed. The final line-up of the group upon their split in 2019 consisted of Alexi Laiho (lead guitar, lead vocals), Jaska Raatikainen (drums), Henkka Seppälä (bass), Janne Wirman (keyboard), and Daniel Freyberg (rhythm guitar). The band released ten studio albums, two live albums, two EPs, two compilation albums and one DVD. They are one of Finland's best selling artists of all time, with more than 250,000 records sold there alone. In 2019, Children Of Bodom held their last concert in Helsinki named "A Chapter Called Children Of Bodom", before disbanding the band. Laiho and Freyberg carried on as Bodom After Midnight in 2020. Laiho, who was one of the founding members of Children Of Bodom as well as the only main songwriter, died on December 29, 2020.
DeMarco, Mac [Some Other Ones (yellow vinyl)]

December 15 street date. Limited canary yellow vinyl edition. In the summer of 2015, Mac DeMarco released "Some Other Ones", a collection of original instrumental recordings DeMarco deemed his "BBQ soundtrack" as a free digital download exclusively on Bandcamp. It was recorded in just 5 days at his home in Far Rockaway, Queens, about a year after the massive success of his third album, "Salad Days", and just weeks before the release of mini-LP "Another One". Originally released in conjunction with a barbecue DeMarco hosted to promote "Another One" and collect food bank donations, "Some Other Ones" soon gained cult status, now regarded amongst his fans as a key entry in his beloved catalogue. Now, almost 10 years later, and following the success of his recent full-length instrumental album "Five Easy Hot Dogs", "Some Other Ones" is finally getting the full release treatment.
Five Finger Death Punch [The Wrong Side of Heaven Vol. 1 + 2 (6LP box)]

December 1 street date. Limited edition box set commemorating the 15th anniversary of "The Wrong Side of Heaven", volumes 1 and 2. The deluxe box set contains 6 LPs housed in double gatefold jackets. Vol. 1 is pressed on silver metallic vinyl and vol. 2 is pressed on gold metallic vinyl. Also included is the "'Purgatory: Tales From The Pit" live album, previously available in limited release. The package also contains 6 bonus tracks, a decal sheet, and album art unique to this package. Limited to 6000 copies.
Future Islands [People Who Aren't There Anymore]

January 26 street date. Baltimore-based 4-piece Future Islands present their seventh album, "People Who Aren't There Anymore", via 4AD. Following 2020's "As Long As You Are", the 12 track record heralds a new chapter for the band, who despite having formed nearly two decades ago, continue to challenge themselves and each other. Where they've pursued ever-higher energy anthems in the past, they've turned inward this time, and unlocked a new level of ferocity, delivering some of their most inspiring and heartbreaking tracks by doing the opposite: taking their time, making each breath, each syllable, each cymbal crash count. The result is a powerful, defining statement from a group of musicians that have made the best album of their career.People Who Aren’t There Anymore was produced by Future Islands and Steve Wright, and mixed by Steve Wright and Chris Coady (who returns to working with the band for the first time since 2014’s Singles).
glass beach [plastic death]

January 19 street date. "plastic death" - the second album by glass beach - is a follow-up record almost five years in the making. The band's self- titled 2019 debut has over the years grown a cult fanbase for its unflinching depiction of queer life as mediated through social media, its oversized ambition, and its scrappy yet adventurous production. And while it took some time to arrive, "plastic death" sounds like the logical expansion of all the things that made their first album so special. Frontperson and primary songwriter J McClendon is joined by lead guitarist Layne Smith, bassist Jonas Newhouse and drummer William White to create something adventurous on each song. Trumpet, trombone, violin, and even marimba dance and bloom alongside the band's own creative and dextrous instrumentation - a stunning, transformative creation that pulls from indie rock, jazz, prog, hardcore, metal, experimental, and beyond. "plastic death" is a complete, uncompromising, playful work of art; every corner and crevice of the record's 13 tracks, each arrangement and timbre and texture, is alive with intention and possibility.
Hum [Downward Is Heavenward (2LP-180g)]

December 8 street date. Back in print titles from the pioneering shoegaze/alt-rock band Hum. The band members oversaw every step of the remastering, lacquer cutting, and manufacturing stages while working with original designer Andy Mueller/Ohio Girl in updating the artwork. Hum's fourth album, "Downward Is Heavenward", was originally issued by RCA in 1997.
Khruangbin [Live At Sydney Opera House (2LP)]

December 1 street date. Khruangbin's series of live LPs traces just one small slice of the band's flight plan through the years: it's a taste of some of their most beloved cities, stages and nights. Each release comes with a limited-edition unique album cover exclusive for the recording's home turf, just a little something extra for the fans that bring a little something extra. Across five releases, this series ignites both sides of Khruangbin's magic: the warm, prismatic feeling of their albums and the bewitching energy of their performances. Closing out this collection, "Live At Sydney Opera House" is a double LP of front-to-back Khruangbin. Here, career-spanning songs like "A Calf Born in Winter", "Maria También", "So We Won't Forget", "Shida" and "Friday Morning" arrive in their full interplanetary glory, recorded at one of the most celebrated venues on earth, the Sydney Opera House.
M(h)aol [Attachment Styles (reissue)]

November 17 street date. Based in Dublin, Cork, Belfast, London, and Bristol, the Irish intersectional feminist five-piece M(h)aol have gained a reputation for their engaging and invigorating live shows. The group's 2023 album "Attachment Styles" is about social connection, queerness, and healing where the listener goes on a journey. When vocalist Róisín Nic Ghearailt was writing the lyrics, she used as an overarching theme the theory of attachment styles which examines the impact our inter-familial relationships and society have on how we relate to one another. Consisting of Róisín (vocals, she/her), Constance Keane (drums, she/her), Jamie Hyland (bass, she/her), Zoë Greenway (bass, she/her), and Sean Nolan (guitar, he/him), M(h)aol apply a DIY ethos to all aspects of the band. "Attachment Styles" was originally released on TULLE, an independent women-led record label co-founded by Constance. It was recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Jamie, and all accompanying artwork and music videos were created by Zoë.
Neck Deep [Neck Deep (indie shop edition/violet)]

January 19 street date. Their self-titled album, "Neck Deep", encompasses everything Neck Deep have excelled at across their career, enhanced and dialed to eleven. From the bouncing bombast of "Dumbstruck, Dumbf**k" and the ripping intensity of "Sort Yourself Out" to the poetic introspection of "They Don't Mean To (But They Do)", it's an album that boasts a song for almost any occasion (including, in recent single "Take Me With You", the impending alien invasion). In the little over a decade since Neck Deep formed in the Barlow brothers' spare room in Wrexham, Wales, a lot has changed. From the scrappy, naively hopeful beginnings that define the starting of so many teenage bands, the pop-punks have gone on to be one of British Rock music's most successful global exports in recent memory: top 5 records in both the US and UK, global touring, viral hits and over a billion plays, just some of the fruits of ten years spent mastering their craft. Eschewing a keen list of collaborators and producers eager to work with one of rock's hottest properties and choosing, instead, to write and record in their own warehouse space, mere miles from where they grew up.
Rancid [Indestructible (2LP/Anniversary edition/colour)]

December 8 street date. Drawing from and amplifying upon Rancid's entire body of work, 2003's "Indestructible" is a testament to the durability of the human spirit, and to the positive power that music can have in our lives. Perhaps their most personal album to date, on "Indestructible" Rancid takes us along on an unforgettable musical journey. Whether retelling true stories from their lives or presenting a worldview born of dues paid and tours made, "Indestructible" is irresistibly tuneful throughout. On this, the group's sixth disk, styles range from the long awaited return of Rancid's patented brand of ska on "Red Hot Moon" to the super intense Discharge inspired hardcore strains of "Out Of Control". Like every Rancid album, this one has a few twists and turns and more than enough musical surprises to keep the mix fresh and exciting, but "Indestructible" also marked a return to the band's roots. New repressing on red & black galaxy vinyl to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album.
Rupaul [Ho Ho Ho (2LP)]

November 3 street date. Originally released in 1997, "Ho Ho Ho" is the third studio album and the first Christmas album by legendary drag queen RuPaul. The album contains ten Christmas standards and three originals, including "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch", "Santa Baby", and "I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus". It's a yuletide classic, camp at its finest as RuPaul really puts the "Ho" in Holiday!
Slift [Ilion]

January 19 street date. Sub Pop debut and third album by French psychedelic rock powerhouse Slift. "Ilion" is a towering work of rock music, a steamrolling record that starts at the highest peak and never lets up. If that sounds overwhelming, trust that this Toulouse trio have you in good hands. "Ilion" feels massive and oceanic, merging the furious intensity of metal and the wigged-out guitar heroics of psych rock with post-rock's epic sense of scale. Slift's utter ferocity is way more than a tempest in a teacup. It reaches outwards for miles and creates new zeniths within unforeseen horizons of rock. Nothing in Slift's catalogue could prepare you for "Ilion", a huge and melodically dense record that at once recalls Godspeed! You Black Emperor's perpetually uplifting surge, the passionate burn of post-hardcore legends …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Led Zep's psychotic blues-rock mysticism, and the psychedelic swirl of Swedish greats Goat.
Smile (The) [Wall Of Eyes]

January 26 street date. The Smile is comprised of Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead, along with Tom Skinner from Sons Of Kemet. "Wall Of Eyes" is the second studio album from the trio, following 2022's "A Light For Attracting Attention", and features production from Sam Petts-Davies (Radiohead, Frank Ocean). It was recorded in Oxford and at Abbey Road Studios, and features string arrangements by the London Contemporary Orchestra.
V/A [Fat Mike Presents: Campfire At Fatty's Round One (2LP-red vinyl)]

December 1 street date. Nobody has ever done this: Fat Mike curated an intimate evening around a campfire with good friends sharing great songs along with their backstories. It was all recorded live in one take and is now released on Bottles To The Ground. These good friends included Ceschi and Sam King of Codefendants, Chuck of Mad Caddies, Stacey Dee of Bad Cop Bad Cop, and many others who will be familiar to fans of punk rock or Fat Wreck Chords - and of course Fat Mike.
Vaselines [The Way Of The Vaselines: A Complete History (2LP-LOSER edition/coloured)]

December 15 street date. First time on vinyl! Remastered and refreshed edition of the definitive compilation of The Vaselines' early material from the 1980s and 1990s, pressed on limited edition crystal clear vinyl. The Vaselines have long been celebrated by musicians and music enthusiasts across genres and across the globe, including superfan Kurt Cobain. Emerging in the mid-80s under the wing of The Pastels' Stephen McRobbie, The Vaselines came to define the sly wit and irresistible pop hooks of the era's Scottish indie scene. "The Way Of The Vaselines" is an opportunity for those already familiar with the Scottish band's brief career to delve deeper into their body of work, while those new to their music can experience firsthand why so many hold them in such high regard. "The Way Of The Vaselines" compiles the band's two EPs ("Son Of A Gun" and "Dying For It") and their sole LP release ("Dum-Dum").
White, Rick [De-Evolution]

December 1 street date. A brand new album of Rick White tunes is on its way! Following his 2021 "Where It's Fine" LP and 2022's amazing tribute to The Sadies, "De-Evolution" takes a welcome detour into more classic fuzzy Elevator To Hell and early Eric's Trip territory. Featuring seven new intense heavy psychedelic tunes, it's another trip into a world Rick knows best. Limited coloured vinyl pressing.

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