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2013/10/01 (HED) Planet Earth Best Of (Hed) P.E. Alternative 673951069824 RED INK CD 67395106982
2015/10/02 (HED) Planet Earth Evolution Rock/Pop 769623602816 PAVEMENT LP 76962360281
2015/01/01 Barren Earth Curse Of The Red River (2CD) Metal 801056827920 PEACEVILLE CD PECCD279
2018/02/15 Barren Earth Devil's Resolve (media book) Metal 801056834225 PEACEVILLE CD CDVILEF342X
2018/02/15 Barren Earth Curse of the Red River Metal 801056734921 PEACEVILLE CD CDVILED349
2018/04/13 Barren Earth A Complex Of Cages Metal 190758182421 CENTURY MEDIA CD 19075818242
2018/04/13 Barren Earth A Complex Of Cages (3LP) Metal 190758182513 CENTURY MEDIA LP 19075818251
2015/04/07 Barren Earth On Lonely Towers (2LP) Metal 5051099854017 CENTURY MEDIA LP 9985401
2015/04/07 Barren Earth On Lonely Towers (Ltd) Metal 5051099854086 CENTURY MEDIA CD 9985408
2015/01/01 Barren Earth The Devil's Resolve (2CD) Metal 801056833921 PEACEVILLE CD PECCD339
2016/08/05 Barren Earth The Curse of the Red River Metal 801056761828 PEACEVILLE CD PECCD618
2017/12/01 Barren Earth The Devil's Resolve Metal 801056833914 PEACEVILLE LP VILELP339
2005/04/12 Beat Of The Earth s/t Rock/Pop n/a RADIOACTIVE CD RADIO60
2012/02/21 Book of Black Earth The Cold Testament Metal 656191009324 PROSTHETIC CD 65619100932
2008/10/14 Book Of Black Earth The Feast Metal 721616800821 20 BUCK SPIN CD SPIN0082
2008/10/14 Book of Black Earth Horoskopus Metal 656191006521 PROSTHETIC CD PROS024
2009/07/07 Book Of Black Earth Feast Metal n/a KREATION LP KR05
2015/02/03 Bruford's Earthworks, Bill Video Anthology, Vols. 1 & 2 (2DVD) Rock/Pop 5060230865942 BAT COUNTRY DVD BC2412
2014/10/14 Bruford's Earthworks, Bill Earthworks/All Heaven Broke Loose (2CD) Rock/Pop 5060230865454 BAT COUNTRY CD BC24118
2014/11/11 Bruford's Earthworks, Bill Dig/Random Acts Of Happiness (2CD) Rock/Pop 5060230865546 BAT COUNTRY CD BC24119
2014/08/12 Bruford, Bill & Earthworks Earthworks Underground Orchestra/A Part And Yet Apart (2CD) Rock/Pop 5060230864730 BAT COUNTRY CD BC24116
2010/12/07 Crowned In Earth Visions Of The Haunted Metal 884502469783 SHADOW KINGDOM CD SKR036
2018/03/23 Dirty Earth Aurora (180g/red vinyl/import) Rock/Pop 4059251114161 CARGO DUITSLAND LP 0111416
2012/03/13 Earth Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II (2LP-180g) Metal 808720014914 SOUTHERN LORD LP LORD149
2008/02/26 Earth Bees Made Honey In The Lions Skull Rock/Pop 808720009026 SOUTHERN LORD CD 808720009026
2010/11/02 Earth A Bureaucratic Desire For Extra-Capsular Extraction Alternative 808720012224 SOUTHERN LORD CD LORD122CD
2011/02/22 Earth Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1 Metal 808720012828 SOUTHERN LORD CD LORD128
2012/01/10 Earth Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1 Metal 808720012811 SOUTHERN LORD LP LORD128LP
2012/02/14 Earth Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II Metal 808720014921 SOUTHERN LORD CD LORD149
2006/05/23 Earth Earth 2 (2LP) Alternative 098787018516 SUB POP LP SPP70185
2006/05/23 Earth Earth 3: Thrones And Dominos (2LP) Alternative 098787029215 SUB POP LP SPP70292
2012/01/10 Earth Hex; Or Printing In The Infernal Method Metal 808720004823 SOUTHERN LORD CD SUNN0482
2007/03/20 Earth Hibernaculum (CD+DVD) Alternative 808720007428 SOUTHERN LORD CD SUL0742
2013/10/29 Earth Off On One Alternative 5050954401922 SRD CD STR007CD
2006/05/23 Earth Pentastar: In The Style Of Demons Alternative 098787036114 SUB POP LP SPP70361
2015/01/20 Earth Primitive And Deadly (2LP - Clear vinyl) Metal 808720193213 SOUTHERN LORD LP LORD193CLEAR
2014/09/02 Earth Primitive And Deadly (2LP) Metal 808720019315 SOUTHERN LORD LP LORD193
2014/09/02 Earth Primitive And Deadly Metal 808720019322 SOUTHERN LORD CD LORD193
2008/03/25 Earth Legacy Of Dissolution Alternative 656605905624 NO QUARTER CD NOQ0062
2017/11/24 Earth Live At Third Man Rock/Pop 813547025135 THIRD MAN LP THMR395
2009/09/01 Earth & Fire s/t (2 bonus tracks) Rock/Pop 5013929724624 ESOTERIC CD ECLEC2146
Earth & Fire s/t Rock/Pop 4009910431825 REPERTOIRE CD RR4318
2012/10/30 Earth & Fire s/t Rock/Pop 0602537136452 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVLP616
2014/08/26 Earth & Fire Song For The Marching Children/Atlantis = 2 For 1 (2CD) Rock/Pop 0602537797561 UNIVERSAL EUROPE CD 3779756
2015/03/31 Earth & Fire Song of the Marching Children (180g/3 bonus tracks/gatefold) Rock/Pop 0602527949017 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVLP1288
2009/09/01 Earth & Fire Song Of The Marching Children (6 bonus tracks) Rock/Pop 5013929724723 ESOTERIC CD ECLEC2147
2011/06/28 Earth & Fire To The World Of The Future (5 bonus tracks) Rock/Progressive 5013929737921 ESOTERIC CD ECLEC2279
Earth & Fire Reality Fills Fantasy Rock/Pop 8712944661439 RED BULLET CD RB66143
2015/03/31 Earth & Fire The Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music Rock/Pop 0602547166647 UNIVERSAL CD 0602547166647
2010/09/07 Earth & Fire The Singles Rock/Pop 8712089050525 BR CD BX5052

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