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2013/10/08 Beelzefuzz S/t Metal 4042564143997 CHURCH WITHIN CD CW035
2014/07/08 Beelzefuzz s/t (HQ vinyl/gatefold/poster) Metal 4042564152333 CHURCH WITHIN LP CWLP35
2016/08/19 Beelzefuzz Righteous Bloom Rock/Pop 852931002123 RESTRICTED CD 85293100212
2009/03/31 Demon Fuzz Afreaka! (2 bonus tracks) Rock/Pop 5013929721128 ESOTERIC CD ECLEC2111
2019/05/17 Demon Fuzz Roots And Offshoots Rock/Pop 0889397840013 KLIMT LP MJJ400
2017/09/08 Demon Fuzz Afreaka! (180g HQ vinyl) R&B 8719262004375 MUSIC ON VINYL LP MOVLP1935
2020/11/13 Fuzz Fuzz (coloured vinyl) Alternative 759718525410 IN THE RED LP ITR254X
2020/11/13 Fuzz II (2LP-coloured vinyl) Alternative 759718528619 IN THE RED LP ITR286X
2020/10/23 Fuzz III Alternative 759718534825 IN THE RED CD ITR348
2020/10/23 Fuzz III Alternative 759718534818 IN THE RED LP ITR348
2013/10/01 Fuzz Fuzz Alternative 759718525410 IN THE RED LP ITR254
2013/10/01 Fuzz Fuzz Alternative 759718525427 IN THE RED CD ITR254
2013/09/24 Fuzz The Fuzz Alternative/Garage 8435008833824 MUNSTER CD MR338
2015/10/23 Fuzz II Alternative 759718528626 IN THE RED CD ITR286
2015/10/23 Fuzz II (2LP) Alternative 759718528619 IN THE RED LP ITR286
2013/12/03 Fuzz (Ty Segall) Live In San Francisco Alternative 819162014004 CASTLE FACE LP CF031LP
2013/12/03 Fuzz (Ty Segall) Live In San Francisco Alternative 819162014011 CASTLE FACE CD CF031CD
2008/02/05 Fuzz Against Junk Neti Neti Alternative 5024545488920 INVADA CD INV050CD
2015/05/26 Fuzz Manta The Stonewolf (2LP/180g/gatefold/Ltd/hand-numbered) Rock/Pop 4046661384611 KOZMIK ARTIFACT LP KA12
2014/06/17 Fuzz/CCR Headcleaner LAMC No. 10 Alternative n/a FAMOUS CLASS 7" LAMC10
2015/10/02 Fuzztones Psychorama (5CD/DVD/7") Rock/Pop 5060174958113 EASY ACTION CD EARS084
2016/03/11 Fuzztones Leave Your Mind At Home (LP+7") Alternative/Garage 5060174958007 EASY ACTION LP EARS087LP
2016/03/25 Fuzztones Bad News Travels Fast Alternative/Garage 5060446079713 EASY ACTION 7" EA45020
2016/07/01 Fuzztones Salt For Zombies Rock/Pop 5060174958106 EASY ACTION CD EARS093
2016/07/01 Fuzztones Salt For Zombies (LP+7") Rock/Pop 5060174958090 EASY ACTION LP EARS093LP
2017/04/28 Fuzztones Gonn Primitive (2LP/Gatefold/Ltd) Rock/Pop 8435008888510 BANG! LP BANG111
2017/04/22 Fuzztones In Heat Alternative/Garage 5060174958045 EASY ACTION LP EARS094LP
2017/08/18 Fuzztones In Heat (2CD) Rock/Pop 5060446071441 EASY ACTION CD EARS094CD
2016/10/28 Fuzztones Monster A Go Go Alternative/Garage 5060174958052 EASY ACTION LP EARS092LP
2015/03/03 Fuzztones Live Rock/Pop 741157215823 CLEOPATRA CD CLE2158
2013/04/02 Fuzztones Snake Oils (2CD) Rock/Pop 741157014822 CLEOPATRA CD CLP0148
2009/03/06 Fuzztones Horny As Hell Alternative 616822079324 NO FUN CD NFCD026
2005/09/27 Fuzztones LSD 25 (25 Years Of Fuzz And Fury) (CD+DVD) Alternative 8013252303821 GET BACK CD GET138
2020/10/16 Fuzztones NYC Alternative 889466188824 CLEOPATRA CD CLE1888
2020/10/16 Fuzztones NYC (coloured vinyl) Alternative 889466188817 CLEOPATRA LP CLE1888
2020/11/06 Fuzztones Lysergic Emanations (2LP expanded edition) Alternative/Garage 5060446070383 EASY ACTION LP EARS081L
2020/02/14 Fuzztones Raw Heat Rock/Pop 8435008870591 BANG! LP BANGLP136
2020/01/31 Fuzztones Strychnine (white vinyl) Alternative 5060446072608 EASY ACTION 7" EA45038
2020/03/27 Fuzztones Snake Oil (2LP/gatefold) Rock/Pop 889466173417 CLEOPATRA LP CLE17341
2020/08/29 Fuzztones 2020RSD - Lysergic Emanations (picture disc) Alternative 5060446072639 EASY ACTION LP EARS081P
2020/06/19 Fuzztones Lysergic Emanations (2CD expanded edition) Alternative 5060174958021 EASY ACTION CD EARS081
2018/04/21 Fuzztones 2018RSD - Braindrops (LP+7") Alternative/Garage 5060174958083 EASY ACTION LP EARS091LP
2018/04/27 Fuzztones Dark Zone (2LP/Gatefold) Rock/Pop 8435008888404 BANG! LP BANG121
2018/05/11 Fuzztones Leave Your Mind At Home (deluxe) Alternative/Garage 5060174958014 EASY ACTION CD EARS087CD
2018/05/25 Fuzztones Braindrops Alternative/Garage 5060174958076 EASY ACTION CD EARS091
2003/08/04 Fuzzy Casino Happy Together Rock/Pop 828765046428 BMG EUROPE CDS 82876504642
2020/09/11 Fuzzy Duck Fuzzy Duck Rock/Pop 4251648416746 BE WITH RECORDS LP BEWITH082LP
2001/12/04 Fuzzy Duck s/t Rock/Pop 0803400329180 AKARMA LP AKAR180
2012/05/01 Fuzzy Duck Fuzzy Duck (4 bonus tracks) Rock/Progressive 5013929432345 ESOTERIC CD ECLEC2323
2014/05/27 Fuzzy Duck s/t (2014 remaster/jewel case) Rock/Pop 4009910121429 REPERTOIRE CD RR1214

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